5 Superhero Shows Deserve To Go On And 5 Should Have Ended Long Ago

Even though the popular superhero category began to thrive in public culture, television can be a competitive environment. Regardless of quality or promise, if a series fails to connect with reviewers and fans, or fails to get large enough ratings to justify its expense, it may and will be discontinued.
Shows with enormous crowds, on the other hand, can develop a bulletproof quality. Many of them survive long after critics and even a significant portion of their audience have grown bored of them. A series may continue to exist even if its quality steadily deteriorates as long as it continues to draw in loyal viewers every week.

#1 Deserve to continue: Constantine

Constantine, unlike many other Arrowverse series, broadcast on NBC rather than the CW. It was well-received by critics, who praised the film's atmosphere and tales. Audiences adored Constantine, with Matt Ryan's depiction of the charming magician and conman proving particularly popular. The series was canceled by NBC after one successful season due to production costs. The cast was freed from their contracts when Warner Bros. failed to find a new network to screen the program on.

#2 Should have ended long ago: Arrow

Arrow's third season marks the start of a downward spiral from which it never fully recovers. It depended on increasingly formulaic and tedious stories and overused characters like Felicity Smoak. As a result, the show was on its last legs before the end of its eighth season.

#3 Deserve to continue: Jupiter's Legacy

The company's only season of Jupiter's Legacy was a failure, with the narrative receiving the greatest criticism, despite acclaim for the action and acting. Despite its discontinuation, several critics acknowledged that the program had potential, which was highlighted by the fact that it was given a spin-off.

#4 Should have ended long ago: Iron Fist

The first season was widely regarded as the poorest of the Defenders sub-franchise, with bad fight sequences, a lackluster performance by Finn Jones as Danny Rand, and sloppy scripting. Despite this, it was renewed for a second season, with some improvements but not enough to warrant a third.

#5 Deserve to continue: Helstrom

Helstrom wasn't everyone's cup of tea, but it was a fascinating new path for the brand to go in. It was a more horror-oriented show that revolved around the offspring of a powerful serial killer, and it had the potential to bring in a darker age in the MCU.

#6 Should have ended long ago: The Flash

The Flash began to have problems coming up with fresh plotlines after a few successful seasons, and it failed to find villains to equal the first season's famous Reverse-Flash. Even though it is still on the air and has a loyal following, the series has lost a lot of its goodwill and will have to work hard to reclaim it.

#7 Deserve to continue: The Cape

Despite being chastised for its shoddy writing and low ratings, critics praised the series for taking its idea of a cop-turned-superhero seriously rather than using it for sarcasm while remaining amusing. Despite this, it would not be televised for the entire season, with the last episode being posted online.

#8 Should have ended long ago: Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Throughout seven seasons, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. remained awkwardly stuck between a small-organization conspiracy series, a sci-fi thriller, and a superhero drama. It had a devoted audience, but it didn't make much of an impact outside of that group.

#9 Deserve to continue: Swamp Thing

Swamp Thing, like Constantine before it, was discontinued after a single season for inexplicable reasons, with neither the actors nor the crew receiving acceptable explanations. Despite the public desire, Swamp Thing has yet to make an appearance in the Arrowverse outside of some archive footage.

#10 Should have ended long ago: Heroes

Following its critically lauded first season, the series faced a snag when the 2007-2008 Writers' Strike halted production on its second season and threw the story's plans into disarray. The series never returned from this setback, and all three seasons after the first were seen as markedly inferior performances.
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