25 Funny Tweets About Life With Cats That Any Cat-Parent Can Understand

Anyone who owns cats knows that life with them can turn into a real adventure. They are great companions that can bring a lot of love and happiness into our lives. These furry friends never fail to amaze us, so moments with them range from utterly frustrating to pure fun. So to illustrate these moments, we have compiled a list of cat tweets that show all the funny and silly shenanigans these furballs get into.
If you are having a bad day, let us offer you a big pile of catnip: hilarious tweets about cats. Here are the best tweets sure to delight cat owners. Even dog people will enjoy them. Scroll down to check them out! They’re sure to make you howl.

#1 Least he liked it more than the box...

Source: bedsafely

#2 Cats know the best!

Source: mrlexy1

#3 They they are up to you

Source: Elwick70

#4 He did something no one knows!

Source: fuji_ayako

#5 The cat knows which box is his

Source: AlsBoy

#6 Sometimes you have to do things you don’t want to…

Source: m1_schik

#7 "I´m fluffy!"

Source: carson__hudson

#8 It just never goes away!

Source: evvy_yay

#9 The only news source I trust.

Source: SimonNRicketts

#10 Toothless!

Source: astroguts

#11 Bro! He might murder you in sleep too!

Source: ein_j

#12 Pet sitting? More like pet standing...

Source: etrnl_classic

#13 Laser toe beans!

Source: roemcdermott

#14 By the cutest liddul bean!

Source: bardo_of_dreams

#15 Cat martini

Source: AndyCole84

#16 ‘You’re in the clear!’

Source: Rhododendren_1

#17 How did this happen??? Oh wait... that darn catnip.

Source: liherbs

#18 This cat will have the most dramatic tendencies

Source: YP9nNswFMoD2uuW

#19 Bathtime fun time!

Source: bloody_seams

#20 You made the right choice.

Source: magmidd

#21 We need the follow up - so was he stealing?

Source: harrytomlomsom

#22 Can’t disturb them!

Source: shtohdekogda

#23 Now you do!

Source: brenaclifton

#24 THIEF!

Source: jennastoya

#25 The new lord of the house!

Source: ilya_shepelin

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