30 Times People Couldn't Resist Roasting Other People With Their 'Power Moves'

We all get roasted at some point in our lives. Of course, no one wants to be roasted by others. However, avoiding those life situations is quite hard. So, how can we deal with this? Perhaps the best way to stop a roaster is to roast them back. Then, they will immediately feel the sting. Like these people below, they couldn't help but punch in the faces of other people with their 'power moves.'
One smart guy asked his family members for money not because he needed it, but because he wanted no one in his family to ask him for money. Another lady went to the bank to withdraw $10. When the staff said that she could only withdraw more than $100, she withdrew exactly $100 and gave the staff $990, telling them to "deposit it." Scroll down below to check out how these folks played with others. And don't forget to upvote for the best one.

#1. Suck it, Tim

Source: mikerockitjones

#2. Wait till she can find out

Source: unknown

#3. I found one, mom

Source: unknown

#4. Well, that's absolutely true

Source: makaylathinks

#5. I paid for it, so it's mine

Source: slayitmama

#6. Wow, her confidence is so great

Source: mattxiv

#7. Clients are the kings

Source: rudy_betrayed

#8. After this unforgettable experience, she never buys any illegal CD

Source: ConstantlyGus

#9. Art is in the eye of the beholder

Source: Stewart Perrie

#10. Burn!!


#11. The best way to do laundry without paying

Source: Spotted: Derby Town

#12. When they want to save money

Source: ibxtoycat

#13. Planet fitness doing what they promised us!

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#14. Nothing can't prevent him from showing his body

Source: audrocur

#15. We lost 1 Mark. But we gained 32,919 non-Marks

Source: memes

#16. A great idea to evade boring conversations

Source: KarenKilgariff

#17. A very very disappointing news

Source: Michael1979

#18. LoL

Source: Wendys

#19. Brilliant!!

Source: HoneyCinnamon_

#20. A funny lesson from a dog

Source: grigg

#21. Way to throw it in your mom’s face

Source: unknown

#22. Satan says hi

Source: reddit

#23. Respect

Source: lafcreative

#24. The sweetest news ever

Source: KWCH 12 Eyewitness News

#25. Lifehack

Source: unknown

#26. Planet fitness will do anything that they promise their customers

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#27. That concludes the mike check

Source: cheryrubi

#28. Best parenting hack

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#29. How to teach landlords a lesson

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#30. I know what I am saying to my crush the next time I talk to them

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