The Winning Photos From The 2021 Wildlife Photographer Of The Year Are Here, And They Are Stunning!

Wildlife Photographer of the Year is an internationally renowned competition that recognizes, rewards, and celebrates talented photographers from all over the world and their work. It is organized by the Natural History Museum in London.
The winning images in this year's competition have been announced, and they are as amazing as always. The 57th edition of the contest saw a record-breaking number of entries, with 50,000 entries from 95 countries.
The title of Wildlife Photographer of the Year went to Laurent Ballesta, a French underwater photographer and biologist. He won this award thanks to his photo of camouflage groupers exiting their milky cloud of eggs and sperm in Fakarava, French Polynesia.
Every year, for five years, Laurent and his team returned to the Fakarava lagoon, diving day and night so as not to miss the annual spawning that takes place around the full moon in July. In total, the photographer had spent around 3,000 hours trying to capture this rare moment.
Scroll down to check his photo out together with the other stunning ones.

#1 Reflection' By Majed Ali

Source: Majed Ali

#2 Adult Grand Title Winner 2021. Underwater: 'Creation' By Laurent Ballesta

Source: Laurent Ballesta

#3 A Distressing Matter' By Michael Watson

Source: Michael Watson

#4 Family At Ease' By Martin Gregus

Source: Martin Gregus

#5 Grizzly Leftovers' By Zack Clothier

Source: Zack Clothier

#6 Apollo Landing' By Emelin Dupieux

Source: Emelin Dupieux

#7 The Nursery Mouth' By Angel Fitor

Source: Angel Fitor

#8 A Deadly Huddle' By Douglas Gimesy

Source: Douglas Gimesy

#9 The Intimate Touch' By Shane Kalyn

Source: Shane Kalyn

#10 Stardust' By Christian Spencer

Source: Christian Spencer

#11 Death Of A Reef' By David Doubilet

Source: David Doubilet

#12 Wetlands - The Bigger Picture: 'Turtle In Paradise' By Henley Spiers

Source: Henley Spiers

#13 High-Flying Jay' By Lasse Kurkela

Source: Lasse Kurkela

#14 Elephant In The Room' By Adam Oswell

Source: Adam Oswell

#15 Net Loss' By Audun Rikardsen

Source: Audun Rikardsen

#16 Lockdown Chicks' By Gagana Mendis Wickramasinghe

Source: Gagana Mendis Wickramasinghe

#17 Nursery Meltdown' By Jennifer Hayes

Source: Jennifer Hayes

#18 Fossa In A Mess' By Elize Labuschagne-Hull

Source: Elize Labuschagne-Hull

#19 Spot Of Bother' By Georg Kantioler

Source: Georg Kantioler

#20 Flying Rescue' By Brent Stirton

Source: Brent Stirton

#21 Up For Grabs' By Jack Zhi

Source: Jack Zhi

#22 Head To Head' Bystefano Unterthiner

Source: Bystefano Unterthiner

#23 Storm Fox' By Jonny Armstrong

Source: Jonny Armstrong

#24 Lynx On The Threshold' By Sergio Marijuán

Source: Sergio Marijuán

#25 Imprisoned' By Celina Chien

Source: Celina Chien

#26 Mushroom Magic' By Juergen Freund

Source: Juergen Freund

#27 The Spider Room' By Gil Wizen

Source: Gil Wizen

#28 A Caring Hand' By Douglas Gimesy

Source: Douglas Gimesy

#29 animals In Their Environment: 'Snow Leopard Summer' By Xiaoyun Luo

Source: Xiaoyun Luo

#30 Plants And Fungi: 'The Fantastical Rainforest' By Daniel Rosengren

Source: Daniel Rosengren

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