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20 Best Posts From The ‘Anti-Work’ Group Giving Smacks To Late-Stage Capitalism

Everyone has at least one job to earn a living, buy food, pay the room mortgage. Because a job is necessary to maintain a standard life, some people are afraid of losing their occupation. Therefore, these employees become more apt to endure working in an environment that they don’t like or even hate. Being acknowledged of this fact, employers exploit their workers in several ways, such as underpaying them, overworking them, or treating them unfairly.

While some who are aware that they are being treated unfairly continue to suffer, others speak out against the injustice in the system, but on a Facebook group called Anti-Work.” That group has a description that says welcome “all things related to anti-work and late-stage capitalism.” Its members share a wealth of information on a variety of topics, ranging from student loans to unequal salaries. Scroll down to check out some of their posts.

More info: Facebook

#1. Some people need to understand this

Source: Jonathan Deutsch

#2. That makes sense

Source: Roxanne Garza-Sabah

#3. Burrnnn

Source: Liam Keegan

#4. Why didn’t I think of that?

Source: Edjitprop

#5. That’s so cruel

Source: Austin Reed

#6. Billionaires getting less rich?

Source: marthakelly3

#7. The dream of everyone

Source: rcbregman

#8. That sucks!!

Source: qntm

#9. Hard agree

Source: Rai Yiannakos

#10. That sounds familiar

Source: James Aaronson

#11. Very scary

Source: Austin Reed

#12. Maybe you are also doing this

Source: Michael Bankston

#13. Lots of people want to work. They just don’t want to work *for this company*

Source: Darrek Coates

#14. Financial problem appears in every household

Source: Martin Hosang

#15. Exactly!

Source: mikewtfwells

#16. ‘Why does no one want to flip burgers anymore?’ I’m genuinely curious

Source: Mike Garrone

#17. Right on

Source: Adam Osmak

#18. Pretends to be shocked

Source: sleepisocialist

#19. Poverty is just poverty

Source: Faemyre Snethia

#20. So bad!

Source: imanicezanne

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