20 Cats And Dogs Who Are The Most Lovable Derps

We admire our pets for their cuteness, their beauty, and their smarty. But in fact, they are not always smart and charming like we think. No matter how perfect they are, one thing is for sure that they sometimes get in trouble and have silly moments. And those goofy moments are guaranteed to make us laugh out loud.
To brighten your day, we decided to collect some photos of pets being total derps. These photos will become an endless source of Entertainment for you. If you’re in a bad mood and need adorable animal pictures, scroll down to check for yourself!

#1 "The derpiest cat I've ever had! I love him."

Source: u/A_frakkin_Cylon

#2 Teeeffffssss

Source: Unknown

#3 "This is Lola, she is always happy to see me when we visit our aunt."

Source: VividFries

#4 "Well someone got into my special sugar and saw some s**t eh?"

Source: The Cat

#5 "He likes his brush."

Source: ashj96

#6 "Whose a good boy? Am I the good boy?"

Source: Victoria Hadfield

#7 "My cat doesn’t sit like this very often, but when he does, I really wonder why."

Source: Dudefromlegal

#8 This is so frickin cute!!!!

Source: Payton

#9 "When it’s hot but the excitement for a toy is greater."

Source: woogitywoogity

#10 Hello from the other side

Source: Timo N

#11 "A sleeping husky"

Source: Predefinition

#12 "If I fits, I sits!"

Source: Matt Igel

#13 "Almooooost"

Source: shhoock

#14 "What do you mean you can't have nice things? You've got ME!"

Source: M K Shaw

#15 Full frontal nostril

Source: Zojka Z

#16 "My girlfriend's cat is just a constant source of content for this sub."

Source: macthebearded

#17 "Would someone please hand me the remote?"

Source: Angela Wallace-Pacileo

#18 "Draw me like one of your French girls."

Source: mznh

#19 "Someone is hungry, mom I am waiting patiently."

Source: banjax01

#20 Every puppy's gone surfin', surfin' in the car

Source: Ayden Manning

There is nothing better than looking at adorable and silly pictures of pets. Please share these pics with your friends and family members. They are priceless and might brighten up everyone's day!
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