Whom Would Disney Princesses And Villains Invite To Their Weddings?

Each of us had a lovely childhood with Disney princess movies. Although our fascination with certain things tends to fade as we get older, this does not mean that they completely disappear from our minds. That being said, have you ever wondered about the lives of Disney princesses and villains after the movies? More specifically, have you ever imagined what Disney princesses or many villains would look like on their wedding day? Well, you can easily picture a princess in a pretty wedding dress. But what about the villains? It's hard to imagine them, isn't it?
However, thanks to artist Oksana Pashchenko, we can see realistic images of Disney princesses and villains on their wedding day. Even characters who have never appeared in the movie are depicted slightly as spirits. Scroll down to see who they are and what they look like.

#1 Princess Ariel at the wedding ceremony with her parents King Triton and Queen Athena.

Well, everything from the wedding dress to the venue truly looks like the actual wedding. Surprisingly, Ariel's parents appeared on her wedding day in human form.

#2 Ursula with her bridesmaids Maleficent, Cruella, and Evil Queen.

I really liked this Oksana work because she was able to bring out the harmony between the wedding dress and the character's personality. I mean a dress with a sky-high slit really suits Ursula's style and personality.

#3 Princess Aurora with her parents King Stefan and Queen Leah at her wedding ceremony.

This dress represents the fashion style of Aurora. Just like the name of the movie "Sleeping beauty", the wedding of Princess Aurora was held in a beautiful forest with lots of flowers. And of course, her parents were indispensable.

#4 Maleficent with her bridesmaids Ursula, Cruella, and Evil Queen.

Well, Maleficent looks so appealing in her dress. This is probably another version of Maleficent. It's much more gorgeous and fresh than the dark black in the movie.

#5 Princess Cinderella is beautiful and gorgeous at the wedding ceremony and the appearance of her parents.

Cinderella looks gorgeous in her evening gown. The wedding dress is simple, but when combined with a bouquet of roses, it creates perfection. The image of her parents has been recreated in a ghostly way, giving us a lot of vibes.

#6 Cruella and her bridesmaids Maleficent, Ursula, and Evil Queen.

It's good that our artist didn't leave the villains behind, she gave them another chance and a happy ending. From the picture, we can see the happy smiles on their faces.

#7 Princess Belle with her parents.

With her artistic talent, Oksana gives us an insight into the lives of Disney princesses and villains. These works have been loved and praised by many fans. How about you? Let us know which is your favorite wedding by commenting below.
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