Fans Share Heartbreaking Things They Noticed In Disney's "Encanto"

The word “family” can bring to mind an array of complex emotions. These feelings are mostly positive things. However, sometimes family also brings a suffocating feeling of dread for you. Have you ever had too many expectations from your parents? Did your parents always want you to be someone else? If you are in such situations and don't know what to do, the movie "Encanto" will be the best choice for you.
Overall, Encanto is an optimistic story of a family. However, on a much deeper level, the movie deals with the intergenerational trauma of feeling as though you have to live up to the ideals set by your ancestors. Each character in the film, whether they own magical ability or not, makes the audience heartbroken. Behind their perfection is the hurt and anxiety that also makes the audience sympathize.
For more details, scroll down and check out some of the most heartbreaking posts shared by fans about this movie.

#1 Bruno's table setting broke some fans.

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#2 Isabela singing about how she’s fine when she’s clearly not.

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#3 Casita was family!

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#4 Through the walls, Bruno could hear everything.

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#5 People are missing the point of ‘Encanto’.

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#6 That was a bit awkward.

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#7 Abuela's expression as Mirabel holds Antonio's hand.

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#8 Darn you, Disney!

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#9 Behind perfection is constant pressure.

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#10 That is heartbreaking!

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#11 Older sibling problems

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#12 A short film about intergenerational trauma

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#13 Disney can do that.

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#14 Abuela near the end is straight-up sad.

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#15 Beautiful concept art

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#16 The real villain to these movies is generational trauma.

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#17 One of the most heartbreaking lines from ‘Encanto’

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