25 Hilarious And Touching Deleted Scenes From 4 Avengers Movies That Should Have Been Included

It all started in 2008, with Robert Downey Jr.'s historic casting as Tony Stark. It's often difficult to recall how big of a gamble it was at the time, but it paid off handsomely. The idea of a post-credits sting was floated... Samuel L Jackson mentioned the Avengers Initiative, and it was a huge one.
To this day, the Avengers films have more followers than the Chitauri army has troops. Fans take satisfaction in knowing every detail of these flicks, down to the slightest Easter egg. However, it turns out that many brilliant character moments were left on the cutting room floor in these famous movies. Below are 25 deleted scenes that we think fans would love to see in the final version of 4 Avengers Movies.

#1 Age Of Ultron: Black Widow Wonders Why The Scarlet Witch Is Wearing Her Jacket

#2 Endgame: Rocket Mocks The Avengers For Taking So Long To Defeat The Chitauri

#3 Endgame: Rhodey Asks Steve Why He Had To Crash His Plane

#4 The Avengers: Steve Spends More Time With The Waitress Outside Stark Tower Plus An Extra Cameo From Stan Lee

#5 The Avengers: A Cop Uses An Chitauri Gun On An Chitauri

#6 Infinity War: Quill And Drax Go Over The Ground Rules

#7 Endgame: Tony And Pepper Make Breakfast

#8 The Avengers: Maria Hill Confronts The World Security Council After The Battle Of New York

#9 Endgame: Thor Has A Meltdown In Asgard

#10 Age Of Ultron: Quicksilver Hits On A Woman During The Sokovia Attack

#11 Endgame: Everyone Kneels For Tony

#12 Endgame: Tony Sees A Grown-Up Version Of His Daughter In The Soul Stone

#13 Age Of Ultron: Steve Sees Anti-Cap Graffiti In Sokovia - Which Is Why He Doesn't Wear His Helmet

#14 Age Of Ultron: In The Norn Cave, Thor Is Possessed And Reveals That Ultron Has The Mind Stone, One Of The Six Infinity Stones

#15 Age Of Ultron: Maria Hill And Steve Discuss Ultron

#16 Infinity War: Happy Tells Tony And Pepper To Help Him Deal With All The Paparazzi

#17 Infinity War: Thanos Shows Gamora Their Past

#18 The Avengers: Natasha Shows Bruce To The Helicarrier Lab

#19 Endgame: The Heroes Assembles In The Trenches

#20 Age Of Ultron: During The Battle Of Sokovia, The Avengers Strategize

#21 Endgame: Hulk Rescues People In A Skyscraper Fire

#22 Age Of Ultron: When Vision Is Created, He Fights The Avengers

#23 Endgame: Alternate Scene Where The Chitauri Attack Black Widow And Hawkeye On Vormir

#24 Age Of Ultron: There Was An Alternate Ending Shot With A Stand-In That Was Going To Introduce Captain Marvel

#25 Age Of Ultron: Hulk Rampages Through An African Village

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