15 Strongest (And Coolest) Weapons And Armor In the DCEU, Ranked

The DC World is filled with extraordinary characters, such as a variety of alien beings from other worlds that have amplified skills on Earth. Or a whole species of invincible deities that dwell in a place beyond conventional space-time. Nevertheless, numerous prominent DC heroes lack brute strength compared to the others. To balance things out, the DC universe provides a handful of formidable weapons that offer weaker characters a chance to fight back.Over decades, several of the most powerful weaponry has been featured in DC movies. They come in all range of shapes and sizes. The expertise of the weapon's user often can also increase its effectiveness. But not anyone who holds a throwing knife can be a threat. In addition, there are also environment-changing technologies that can modify the living environment or absorb resources. This article ranks the 15 most powerful weapons which have ever featured in DC films.

#1 Mother Box

#2 Zod's World Engine

#3 Trident Of Atlan

#4 Green Lantern Power Ring

#5 Bracelets of Submission

#6 The Lasso Of Hestia

#7 Steppenwolf 's Electro Axe

#8 The Black Manta Suit

#9 Batmobile

#10 Kryptonite Spear

#11 Armored Batman Suit

#12 Constantine's Holy Shotgun

#13 Bloodsport's Weaponized Armor

#14 Scarecrow's Fear Toxin

#15 Deadshot's Wrist Guns

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