25 "Encanto" Artists Who Successful Catch Your Eyes With Their Amazing Artwork

The magnificent cinematography in Disney's "Encanto" has encouraged other artists to discuss and share their versions of the Madrigals on several other platforms, such as Instagram, Twitter, and so on. Disney fans are excited about their works of art that are as fascinating as the film, from the Madrigal family to the spectacular scenes of Colombia. 

Each painting tells a special story about the Madrigal family. There is an artist drawing the sweet love of Pepa with her husband. Someone draws the childhood of family members. Some pictures show an aspect of the Madrigal family member's personality, while many of the arts creatively combine "Encanto" and other animated films. Each artist has their personal touch, which impresses the viewers deeply.

If you are a fan of "Encanto" or you are keen on outstanding paintings, do not miss this post. We've rounded up 25 artists and their amazing work. Scroll down to discover more.

#1 Selfie

Source: waguri_341

#2 Talk About Bruno

Source: Sour_lemmon

#3 ?7 Foot Frame, Rats Along His Back?

Source: soposiii

#4 Grandkid Round-up?

Source: ryuunart

#5 The Madrigal Sisters

Source: CinnaVee

#6 Have You Seen My Rat?

Source: ColinGoldstein3

#7 Yo, Herc!

Source: tuherrus

#8Morning Coffee And Kisses ☕️

Source: kinschi

Source: kinschi

Source: kinschi

#11 PB&J

Source: kinschi

#12 When You Call His Name...

Source: yonggall

#13 Encanto x Sailor Moon

Source: zahradraw

#14 Rats We're Rats Weeee're The Rats

Source: lalonyx

#15 Bruno As A Rat ?

Source: bailey_unknown

#16 The Stars Don’t Shine, They Burn

Source: CazArts

#17 Family Bonding Time!

Source: innuko

#18 Modern Mirabel

Source: mspaintencanto

#19 La Familia Madrigal

Source: ydk_dny

#20 Okay But Can We Talk About How Absolutely Adorable Bruno Is?

Source: jansendraws

#21 Yeah About That Bruno

Source: bakuatsukiyu

#22 Camilo And His Hands ?✌️?

Source: SavannaEGoth

#23 Hear The Beauty

Source: Sennbee1027

#24 ?

Source: yonggall

#25 Full Control

Source: kianamaiart

#26 You Better Not Mess With Her Hermanito ⛈

Source: Kinschi_draws

#27 I Feel… Like I Missed Something Important

Source: melonsharks

Source: melonsharks

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