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17 Fake MCU Movie Quotes We Wish Were True

Fanbases are a wonderful thing to behold. They may take the lightness with which actors interact in discussions and apply it to the properties that have made them major names in wonderful other scenarios. Even authors and filmmakers have been known to solicit audience ideas in order to produce something that we all love and appreciate.

Take a glance at these brutally humorous faux sequences from your favorite MCU movies to see how the Marvel Cinematic Universe isn’t exempt from this rite of pop culture passage. Regarding the events of Avengers: Endgame, some of these sequences are even a little bittersweet, but that doesn’t make them any less awesome. Please remember that they are fan-made and not from the movies.

#1 Valkyrie and Loki would get along fairly smoothly.

#2 They’re All Technically Correct

#3 Brotherly Love

#4 Competition for brilliant minds

#5 Pure Chemistry

#6 Are We Sure This Is Fake?

#7 A Factual Statement

#8 She’s Not Wrong

#9 That’s savage

#10 It Checks Out

#11 Gen Z, Post-2020

#12 For An Orphan, His Dad Jokes Are On Point

#13 Yeah you wish

#14 Colder Than The Ice He Was Trapped In

#15 Is It Really The Time?

#16 Oh, Youths!

#17 Please don’t