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  1. Usopp’s nose is not as ridiculous as in the manga.
  2. Sanji’s trademark eyebrows are gone as well.
  3. Luffy’s sandals are replaced with a pair of…shoes?
  4. The characters wear different outfits for once.
  5. Zoro’s battle with Mr. 7.
  6. Zoro refuses to name his combat moves.

6 Major Changes That Netflix’s One Piece Live-Action Has Made From The Original Manga

Set sail on Netflix This August 23, the live-action reimagining of One Piece by Mark Jobst is one of the most highly-anticipated anime adaptations in 2023. The original manga, created by Eiichiro Oda, has been ongoing for 26 years, and is widely considered one of the best manga series in history. The movie will follow the footstep of Luffy, a boy who yearns to be the number one pirate of all time, on his quest to find the legendary treasure One Piece with the help of his crew.

After years of delay and setback, Netflix finally released its first teaser trailer on June 18, which caught the attention of One Piece fans all over the world. Besides revealing the official cast for the movie, which includes the teenage sensation Inaki Godoy, the trailer also drops some subtle details that stray from the manga version, that hardcore fans of the series could realize in an instant. Let’s take a look at these 6 unique details in One Piece’s latest trailer which is completely different from its manga counterpart, and see if they’ll affect the story overall.


#1. Usopp’s nose is not as ridiculous as in the manga.

While not having the same influence as Luffy or Zoro, Usopp has always been a fan-favorite character in the manga thanks to his scaredy-cat and hilarious nature, but will step up whenever his friends are in need. The character is known for his absurdly long nose, which is likely a Disney’s Pinocchio reference, since Usopp is a liar that lies as naturally as he breathes. 

However, it seems that Netflix has completely removed Usopp’s trademark nose in the series, as the live-action actor Jacob Romero Gibbs appears to have a normal one in the trailer. While Usopp’s nose will be dearly missed by fans, this subtle change won’t affect the story overall, and wearing a nose prop during battle would hinder the actor greatly.


#2. Sanji’s trademark eyebrows are gone as well.

It seems Usopp is not the only member of the Straw Hat that lost his outlook feature. Sanji, who’s portrayed by Taz Skylar, also doesn’t wear his curly eyebrows in the trailer. However, unlike Usopp’s nose, Sanji’s unorthodox eyebrows shape is heavily connected to his Devil Fruit power, according to Oda himself, so some hardcore fans might be against the idea of removing them.


#3. Luffy’s sandals are replaced with a pair of…shoes?

Seeing the protagonist wearing anything other than his trademark sandals is as rare as the time Zoro not getting lost in the manga. The sandals, besides the trademark red jacket and the pirate hat given by Shanks, are the most iconic features of Luffy, and not seeing one of them in the trailer feels off. The fanbase is also quite divided by this change, some even criticized Netflix for leaving such a symbolic item behind. 

However, in any live-action movie, it’s very difficult to do stunts with a pair of sandals, as they can lead to unwanted injuries and such. It’s probably a wise move from the studio to protect their actors, and fans might just have to get used to the image of Luffy donning his new shoes in the live-action series. 


#4. The characters wear different outfits for once.

Source: Netflix

In the manga, all the Straw Hat crews wear the same clothes throughout its 1086 chapters without even changing once, including Sanji, the most stylish of them all. The live-action changes this unsanitary routine of them, and in a good way. In the trailer, we can see both Luffy and Usopp donning different types of outfits at times, changing from their trademark costumes into tropical Hawaiian T-shirts. 

Another fun fact about these new outfits is that they actually come from the cover of One Piece Vol.11 manga, which sees the two characters wearing similar clothing. It was a nice reference that the Netflix crew has put in to make a tribute to the original manga version.


#5. Zoro’s battle with Mr. 7.

Source: Netflix

Fans were on their feet to see one of the series’ favorites, Roronoa Zoro, make his live-action debut. The Japanese descend actor Arata Mackenyu doesn’t disappoint, giving fans a promising performance in the trailer with some action-packed sequences. In one scene, we got to see the swordsman fighting Mr. 7, a former Frontier Agent of Baroque Works using his iconic katanas, which got fans going wild.

However, Zoro hasn’t fought Mr.7 even once in the manga or anime, since this character only plays a very small role in the events of One Piece. The inclusion of Mr. 7 in the live-action is an unexpected and refreshing change from the manga, which everyone will surely welcome, since we’ll get the chance to delve further into Zoro’s past.


#6. Zoro refuses to name his combat moves.

Source: Netflix

In the manga, the self-proclaimed World Strongest Swordsman has a knack for naming his combat moves. In fact, his naming sense might be the most ridiculous and complex in the Straw Hat crew, which includes absurd names such as Purgatory Onigiri or Three-Sword Serpent: 103 Mercies Dragon Damnation. However, in the trailer, when he encounters Luffy in the trailer, the latter claims that all fighters name their finishing moves, which Zoro rebukes, stating “They don’t”.

Considering how many ridiculous moves Zoro has in the manga, this line seems a little bit weird, and might not sit well with some hardcore One Piece fans. It’s hard to imagine a Zoro not naming his finishing moves, but who knows, he might change his mind eventually in the series. Netflix might as well give him the ability to navigate the way correctly next, and no one would complain a thing.

What do you think about One Piece’s live-action trailer? Do you look forward to the movie? Let us know in the comment.

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