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6 Hollywood Actors Who Can Play Reed Richards In MCU Fantastic Four

In the comics, the Fantastic Four is one of Marvel’s most iconic and crucial superheroes, who are also important members of the Avengers. However, the journey to bring the team into live-action hasn’t been an easy one, as the 2005-2007 franchise was pretty much a hit-and-miss, and the 2015 reboot is just straight-up disastrous. Therefore, many Marvel fans remain skeptical about the next Fantastic Four movie in the MCU, which is set to release on May 2, 2025.

For now, the upcoming MCU movie is still shrouded in mystery, including the cast, which might prove to be a good choice by the studio. Of course, there have been rumors here and there about some possible casting choices for the Richards spouse, with the prime example being Adam Driver as Reed, and Margot Robbie as Susan. Reed Richards is the leader of the iconic team, so choosing the right performer to portray the charismatic and intelligent character will be a hard test for Marvel. While we’re waiting for further news from the studio, let’s take a look at these 6 Hollywood actors who are rumored to play the famous Mr. Fantastic.


#1. Adam Driver

Let’s start with one of the biggest rumors around. While no real confirmation is made yet by Marvel, Driver is easily the one that is connected to the role the most, and is even rumored to be offered the role by the studio. There are even multiple fan art and edit that show the actor in the classic Fantastic Four suit, and the result looks oddly satisfying. 

Adam Driver’s most successful role so far is the depiction of Kylo Ren in the Star Wars franchise, and is one of the performances of the new controversial trilogy. Seeing Driver as Reed Richards will be fascinating, as the actor can bring out the more egoistical side of Mr. Fantastic.


#2. John Krasinski

Source: Marvel

Unlike the others, Krasinski already has the experience to play the iconic Mr. Fantastic in the MCU, though he doesn’t play a major role in the movie. The A Quiet Place star appears as a Reed variant on Earth-838 in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. This version of Reed is also the leader of the Illuminati, and despite his brief screen time, Krasinski manages to convince the audience that he can be a pretty good Mr. Fantastic with his solid performance.

Though the actor claimed that Marvel didn’t offer him to return as Reed Richards in future MCU projects, it would be a dream come true for fans if this scenario really happens. As shown in the Doctor Strange sequel, Krasinski is perfect for the role, as he can depict the serious and intellectual side of the leader of the team.


#3. Ryan Gosling

Source: Legion Media

We all know that alongside Adam Driver, Margot Robbie is the number one candidate for the Susan Storm role, now it’s even more plausible as James Gunn has confirmed that the Suicide Squad isn’t canon in his new DC Universe. Robbie’s co-star in the latest Barbie movie, Ryan Gosling, is another actor that has been linked to the Mr. Fantastic role. Being one of the most popular performers around, it’s hard to believe Gosling hasn’t had an MCU role yet, but things could change in the future.

The actor would make a great Reed Richards, however, some also suggest that he’d fare better as Johnny Storm, Susan’s brother, also known as the Human Torch.


#4. Penn Badgley

Source: Twitter

In terms of visuals and outlook, Badgley suits the original comic book design of Reed Richards down to a T, from the facial features to the iconic hairstyle. He’s also one of the rumored actors to be offered the role by Marvel, and even once briefly addressed the rumor himself.

Badgley is best known for his portrayal as the romantic serial killer Joe Goldberg in the critically acclaimed Netflix series You. The star’s versatility in the series is widely praised by both fans and critics, and this is an important aspect that makes him a good Reed Richards, who also has an evil version of himself known as the Maker. His relatively young age compared to the others also gives him a slight advantage, as the Fantastic Four will surely be in the MCU for a good long while.


#5. Henry Cavill

Source: DC

With The Flash, Henry Cavill finds his role as the Man of Steel coming to an end, with David Corenswet taking on the mantle in the upcoming Superman: Legacy. Many fans might be heartbroken hearing this, as Cavill has done an excellent job portraying the Blue Boy Scout, however, this might open up a new chance for the actor in the MCU, which the audience has been hoping for a long time.

There have been some rumors here and there about Cavill taking on the Reed Richards role. Despite his muscular build, the British native is actually a huge nerd, who’s quite knowledgeable about technology. With his power of elasticity, Reed is not a muscular superhero type, but a buff version of Mr. Fantastic in Cavill wouldn’t be a bad idea either. With his role as the Witcher reaching its conclusion as well, the actor will find himself free for a while, and will be ready for any promising projects in the future.


#6. Glenn Howerton

Source: NY Post

Howerton is the final candidate in this list, who’s been at the heart of the rumor for some time now, as he and the upcoming Fantastic Four director Matt Shakman has worked together before in the fan-favorite TV series It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Addressing the rumors to the press, the actor expressed his willingness to work with Shakman again, saying that we would “accept that phone call” if the chance arises for him to play Reed Richards.

While he has the visual to portray the iconic Mr.F, at 46 years of age, Howerton is a tad bit too old to play the role for a long time, as Marvel would want to find a younger performer to portray Reed Richards for at least another decade.

Who do you think is the perfect candidate to play Reed Richards in MCU Fantastic Four, and why? Let us know in the comment.

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