6 Famous Characters That Were Supposed to Win People’s Hearts but Ended Up Ruining Their Movies

A successful movie doesn’t mean everything is perfect, including the character. And some villains in some famous movies were set up to capture viewers’ hearts but somehow turned into failures with illogical details, boring personalities, or lousy performances from actors.

Even actors who played protagonists have spoken out about their roles. While some actors complain that the protagonist’s behavior was immature and moody, some others admitted they had to struggle the most throughout the movie story. The film director probably didn’t expect it, but they did make viewers roll their eyes. Here are 6 characters that were considered to capture people’s hearts but ended up with failures.

#1 Jar Jar Binks

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Even Star Wars fans can’t stand this character and consider him one of the trilogy’s most annoying characters. He’s said to be poorly conceived and people keep wondering how important he was in the plot. Rumor has it, he is supposed to be annoying to show how different characters react to such a weird and amusing creature.

#2 Frodo Baggins

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Fans figured out that Frodo is the least likable character in The Lord of The Rings. Despite struggling throughout the story, he somehow manages to cause numerous facepalms. He is known for having a boring personality, he trusted Gollum too much, and he wasn’t even Sam’s best friend. We’ve got to give him credit for resisting the ring for so long, at least.

#3 Bella Swan

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Kristen Steward may be mainly recognized as Bella Swan from Twilight. If only she’d known that the 16-year-old teen would be too sensational and controversial. Viewers found Bella so impulsive and uninteresting. She’s also regarded as a passive and unreliable character.

She appeared in a motorbike gang and left her friend alone at the movies, jumped off a cliff, and threw a fit for getting presents “she didn’t ask for.”

#4 Joker in Suicide Squad

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Despite his hard work in Suicide Squad, Jared Leto still failed to create the perfect image of the Joker. The character was received poorly and “utterly out of place” in the movie. Moreover, the portrayal lacked depth as more emphasis seemed to be placed on his outward look. Some fans even compared him to Marilyn Manson.

#5 Carrie Bradshaw

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Sarah Jessica Parker who plays Carries claimed that Carrie has flaws. The character is seen as immature and moody.

She betrayed Aidan by having an affair, her boyfriends are more important to her than her friends. She even said to Aidan she didn’t want to see him because it was going well, and she liked him. What a confusing moment!

#6 Ron Weasley

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Fans point out that Ron is extremely insecure and jealous. He’s also said to be a chronic whiner — he hates to be poor, and he doesn’t like the fact that Hermione is smarter than him. Generally, any problem is the end of the world for Ron because he’s a big drama king.