Glorious Wonder Woman Cosplayer Gives You A Quick Look At Snyder's Would-be Justice League 2

A well-known Wonder Woman cosplayer showed her amazing interpretations of aspects from the comics as well as Zack Snyder's intended Justice League sequel. Lis.Wonder, whose striking similarity to Gal Gadot lends herself to Wonder Woman cosplay, posted images of her take on Jim Lee's storyboard illustrations from Snyder's original Justice League proposals merged with aspects from a popular "God of War" depiction of Diana Prince — specifically the version derived by artist Marcio Abreu.
Snyder's planned Justice League 2 and 3 storyboards appeared right before the HBO Max premiere of Zack Snyder's Justice League. Enthusiasts learned through the storyboards that Lex Luthor, Captain Cold, Ocean Master, Black Manta, The Riddler, and Dr. Poison were planning to form a Legion of Doom. Furthermore, the trilogy would have ended with Lois Lane giving birth to Bruce Wayne's kid, who would eventually become Batman.
"It was going to be Lois and Superman’s son," Snyder said. "He doesn’t have any powers, and then he was going to end up being the new Batman. Twenty years later, on the anniversary of Batman’s death, they take young Bruce Kent down to the Batcave and they say, 'Your Uncle Bruce would’ve been proud if you did this.'"
After 4 years of petitioning by DC Extended Universe fans, Zack Snyder's Justice League was aired on HBO Max in March 2021. When questioned if he resigned from Justice League on his own or if Warner Bros. forced him out after his daughter died, Snyder responded, "The decision to leave was 100 percent mine. I knew the fight that I was in for with them. And my family needed me, and I needed them. I was in a struggle at home, and then to go to my place of work and be in a second struggle there seemed like an outrageous thing to do to myself and my loved ones."
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