MCU Fans Made Sad And Funny Responses To Sony Taking Back Spider-Man From MCU

"Mr. Stark, I don't feel so good" - This line seems so correct with the reaction of Spider-Man's fans while Sony informs to take back this character from the MCU. It's understandable that Marvel fans worldwide felt bad about that news.
Due to the agreements between Sony and Disney, Spider-Man has been allowed to join the massive franchise. As a result, over the last few years, Spider-Man has become one of the franchise's most recognizable characters and we all have become accustomed to seeing him alongside other Marvel legends like Iron Man, Captain America, Thor.
But talks about how to continue that relationship have fallen apart, at least for the time being, and Spider-Man is back flying solo with Sony. To cope with the loss and express their disappointment, people are creating memes, and they are both sad and funny.

#1 Do you think it's the reason? LOL

Source: paneerdonut

#2 This picture looks so sad!

Source: ThanosFan99

#3 No one wants you to go!

Source: etsy

#4 OMG!

Source: BrandonDavis

#5 It's a hard mission for Spidey right now

Source: theaishmeister

#6 Sad but hilarious

Source: Geminiscry

#7 Don't worry pal, that's not your fault. Just a case you were in his clothes.

Source: ChiggityChives

#8 "I haven't done my job yet"

Source: dorucaptain

#9 Good enough for me!

Source: Bennyboo009

#10 It hurts!

Source: VancityReynolds

#11 #SaveSpidey

Source: Reddit

#12 You did so well, kid

Source: Zeosynthesis

#13 Mr. Stark, please save Spidey

Source: Bored Panda

#14 Ridiculous! We just wanna see Spidey in the MCU

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#15 What the...

Source: ZinfamousHD

#16 So...?

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#17 Don't be shocked, kid

Source: Tardodo

#18 OMG!

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#19 LOL

Source: Bored Panda

#20 "Mr. Stark, Spidey doesn't feel good"

Source: rad_rich05

#21 It's just too sad

Source: Bored Panda

#22 How to prove that Spidey belongs to Marvel!

Source: Ron_SpaceKnight

#23 Poor Peter!

Source: Laicn

#24 A stupid ass decision

Source: adamholvey1

#25 So sad

Source: Bored Panda

#26 Again?

Source: _not_martin

#27 Marvel's son!

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#28 Once more time

Source: Bored Panda

#29 It's sad but I can't stop laughing

Source: gettrickedlol

#30 Do you think so?

Source: Bored Panda

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