Captain America Is Definitely Deadly With His Shield, DCEU Literally Showed That

The DCEU recently revealed how dangerous Marvel's Captain America can be with his shield thanks to the finale episode of Peacemaker. Chris Smith and his crew faced the extraterrestrial species known as the Butterflies, acting as an offshoot forces from Task Force X, as shown in The Suicide Squad, with John Cena in the title position of Peacemaker. Smith channeled his inner Captain America with his own shield in a final battle with the invaders, demonstrating just how cruel Steve Rogers would have been in the MCU wasn't targeted toward a more family-friendly demographic.
Chris and his team find the location of "the cow" in Peacemaker episode 8, the Butterflies' only source of nutrition on the globe while infiltrating civilization by seizing human hosts. Peacemaker and crew come out guns blazing in a final struggle to stop them for good after attempting to blow up their secret base holding the cow. Smith, on the other hand, takes out a new shield with his "dove of peace" and enters the conflict to slaughter as many Butterflies as he can after emptying multiple clips.
nullConsidering Peacemaker's new shield, the connection to Marvel's Steve Rogers appears to be deliberate. After all, John Cena's role in The Suicide Squad was described as "a douchey Captain America" in an early behind-the-scenes video. Peacemaker's shield maneuvers, on the other hand, are significantly more savage than Captain America's in the MCU, as he attacks his adversaries with devastating power. The peacemaker's shield rises into the air, and as it descends, he blasts it with his rifle, driving the pointed end directly into one of the Butterflies' necks. While it's a maneuver Rogers, Sam Wilson, or any other Captain America in the MCU could probably pull off with his own shield, it's exceedingly doubtful that Rogers, Sam Wilson, or any other Captain America in the MCU would ever do (short of John Walker's darker U.S Agent in a carefully edited manner).
nullSince the MCU's focus is on a family-friendly audience, it's unlikely that Steve Rogers' Captain America would have been permitted to exhibit such cruelty. That isn't to say he couldn't do it. Given Captain America's increased strength as a result of the Super Soldier serum, paired with his shield's unique vibranium composition, Rogers would most likely be even deadlier than Chris Smith. Rogers, on the other hand, was not as prone to excessive violence as Smith. While he was willing to murder when it was required, it's unlikely that he would have chosen to be as harsh if he had the chance. Smith did, to his credit, exhibit some reluctance to murder as the first season of Peacemaker went, albeit it appears that the extraterrestrial Butterflies were an exception.
nullWhile it's unlikely to appear in the MCU, the DCEU just demonstrated exactly how vicious Captain America can be with his shield. As a result, it'll be intriguing to see if Smith will continue to wield his protective shield in the recently announced Peacemaker season 2, or if it was just for this last battle. In any case, Peacemaker lived up to John Cena's description of a "douchey Captain America," swinging his own shield with devastating ferocity.
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