34 Shocking Twists In Movies That Took Audiences Breath Away

Whenever it comes to crafting a great movie, a solid plot is essential. Hunters make the finest directors. What is their prey? The audience. Directors entice you in with a smattering of beautiful camerawork and enticing tales. They then spring their baits with third-act revelations when you least expect it, and you're caught. Not only for the entire movie, but also for posterity, water cooler chitchat, and cinema enthusiasts and critics to discuss and pore over for decades.
The goal of a movie is to keep the viewer interested from start to finish. That's referred to as a twist in the film industry. But it's actually just a hook. And the filmmakers behind the following flicks had us caught hook, line, and sinker. The twist ending is a rewarding technique to surprise the viewers by turning the tables and revealing something they didn't expect. Here are the top 34 most memorable story twists of all time, in ranking: spoilers ahead.

#1 In Spider-Man: No Way Home, When MJ began to plummet to her death, similar to how Gwen Stacy perished, Andrew Garfield's Peter Parker was able to save her at the last moment.

#2 In Parasite, Moon-Gwang discovered her spouse had been residing in the basement when she unlocked the concealed entrance.

#3 In Frozen, Hans exposed himself to be the villain and that he was only exploiting Anna.

#4 In The Prestige, when it was revealed that Christian Bale's character was able to execute the magic feats due to the fact that he was an identical twin

#5 In Promising Young Woman, Cassie's planned texts began to show on the screen, suggesting that she had a contingency plan in place in case she went missing.

#6 In Joker, it was revealed that Arthur's love connection with Sophie was all a figment of his imagination and that nothing transpired.

#7 In Uncut Gems, Adam Sandler's character survived the stressful and frantic basketball game only to be murdered minutes after winning his crazy wager.

#8 In Orphan, Esther, a 9-year-old girl, was discovered to be a 33-year-old killer who was attempting to seduce, murder, and then burn down her adoptive father's home.

#9 In Spider-Man: Far from Home, Mysterio exposed the actual identity to the entire world after releasing a film that made Spider-Man appear like the villain.

#10 In Zootopia, Judy believed Assistant Mayor Bellwether was behind all of the assaults and was portraying predators as terrible beasts when she understood he was behind all of them.

#11 In Searching, Vick, the detective who lead the investigation into his daughter's abduction, was the one behind it all, David realized.

#12 In The Usual Suspects, Kujan learned that Verbal was truly Keyser Söze and that everything he said was a meticulously crafted falsehood.

#13 In Wreck-It Ralph, When King Candy began to glitch, everyone realized he was actually Turbo.

#14 In Us, when it was revealed that Red had been living under the boardwalk as Adelaide for decades and that the real Adelaide was imprisoned beneath it.

#15 In Now You See Me, Dylan, the FBI agent in charge of apprehending the Four Horsemen, is revealed to be the mastermind behind the theft.

#16 In Split, When Bruce Willis' character from Unbreakable arrived in the closing scene, it was revealed that the whole film was a sequel to a film released 16 years prior.

#17 In Ex Machina, Ava imprisoned Caleb in the home and then fled in the helicopter that had been dispatched to find him.

#18 In Shutter Island, Leonardo DiCaprio's character learned he wasn't a genuine US Marshal, but rather a patient at the institution.

#19 In Avengers: Infinity War, Thanos sacrificed Gamora, the one and only thing he ever loved, in order to obtain the Soul Stone.

#20 In Interstellar, Mann duped everyone into believing his planet could support human existence, then sought to conceal his tracks by killing Cooper.

#21 In Coco, When Héctor discovered Ernesto poisoned him and took all of his music, he became furious.

#22 In The Visit, when the mother discovered through video chat that the elderly adults her children were staying with weren't their grandparents, but rather escaped mental patients

#23 In Black Swan, Nina believed she had murdered Lily, however, the closing scene revealed that she had really stabbed herself with the shattered glass.

#24 In Whiplash, Fletcher attacked Andrew on stage with incorrect music to ruin his career just because Andrew testified against him.

#25 In The Boy, When Brahms (the doll) was crushed into thousands of pieces, a real-life man emerged from the house's walls, indicating that he had survived the fire 20 years before.

#26 In Spider-Man: Homecoming, When Peter went to Liz's house to fetch her up for the dance, the door was answered by her father, who turned out to be Vulture.

#27 In La La Land, When the gorgeous montage depicted Mia and Sebastian living happily ever after, it switched to reality and Mia was with someone else.

#28 In Snowpiercer, When, after years of being sure that life could not be sustained outside the train, they finally spotted a polar bear walking freely outdoors.

#29 In The Departed, Costigan felt he'd finally gotten his life back when he grabbed Sullivan, but he was slain in the elevator right away.

#30 In Get Out, Rose abruptly broke character and confessed she was intending to take Chris hostage when Chris and Rose were attempting to flee.

#31 In Arrival, When the "flashbacks" turned out to be future memories, Louise and Ian were expecting a daughter and would have to watch her die.

#32 In Saw, When the "dead" person on the ground awoke, he exposed himself to be Jigsaw, the torturer's mastermind.

#33 In Seven Pounds, Ben wanted to save his body parts and donate them when it was found that he killed seven people while texting and driving.

#34 In Avengers: Endgame, when everyone returned through the portals to assist Thanos in defeating him and saving the universe

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