12 Subtle Jokes In Disney Movies That You May Have Missed Because Of Your Innocence

Everyone knows that Disney cartoons are fun and beautiful versions of childhood. Because of its innocent and carefree storylines, it is especially targeted at children. When the most recent Disney films are released, however, they attract audiences of all ages, not just children. Do these Movies also contain content that is interesting for adults?

If you watch iconic Disney movies again as an adult, you will definitely find something astonishing. Although 99% of the dialogue in Disney cartoons is written for children, there are one or two jokes dedicated to adults. Many people consider it a negative joke. However, as far as I can see, these jokes do not fail the characters of the movie. Instead, it makes these characters more exciting.

Here we've summed up 12 subtle jokes in Disney movies. Scroll down and let us know when you start laughing at these hilarious lines!

#1 Aladdin

A humorous moment is found when Aladdin and Princess Jasmine are finally about to get married, a surprise attack on the castle prompts Genie to pop out saying: "I thought the Earth wasn't supposed to move until the wedding night."

#2 Frozen

This is really a subtle and effective prank by Kristoff when questioning the princess if she has really found true love or not.

#3 Ratatouille

A shy but humorous situation right after Linguini's statement "I have this tiny... a little", Collette immediately looked down at Linguini's Pants.

#4 The Incredibles.

I had to laugh and admire the filmmaker when watching this scene.

#5 Hercules

This is a perfect joke that the kids can't understand, playing out when Hercules and Meg recall the strange play they just attended, he describes a young king who is married to his original mother and has four children with her.

#6 Hocus Pocus

It's naive if you think he's talking about driving a few laps around the block to find neighborhood kids for witches. Adults, on the other hand, are the only ones who know what he's really thinking.

#7 Ratatouille : Veggie Lovin

Another hidden joke from Ratatouille. What do you think Skinner is talking about when he warns Alfredo about being "too familiar" with vegetables? Well, he's talking about fucking vegetables.

#8 Cars

Even though there's no dialogue, adult audiences can still spot the fun and iconic scene from the "all convertible waitresses" sign, and directly below it is a roadside restaurant called the Top Down Truckstop.

#9 The Emperor's New Groove

Just look at the photo above and you'll notice the humorous detail when Kronk came up with a solution for his too-small tent.

#10 The smart boy in Hercules

#11 Toy Story 3

"No one takes my wife's mouth but me!" is a simple statement, but it actually contains an adult joke. The writers cleverly phrased it so that the kids in the stands didn't realize the implication, but their parents didn't.

#12 101 Dalmatians

Roger congratulates Pongo on his return with a litter of dalmatians, of which only fifteen pups are Pongo and Perdita's progeny, at the end of the film. Adults who saw the film will understand how overwhelming just 15 pups can be. 101 leads to a slew of new ideas.
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