8 Most Gorgeous Actresses Who Played Catwoman Ever Existed On-Screen

Catwoman has clawed her path into the comic culture as among the most famous characters ever created, ever from her debut introduction under the alias "The Cat" in 1940's Batman #1. Selina Kyle has grown in popularity as both an opponent and a girlfriend for Bruce Wayne over the years. In the crazy world of DC Comics, the two have not only crossed swords for almost 80 years, but they've also had a (non-canon) kid together, almost married, and frequently worked together for the sake of Gotham City.
nullOver the years, this infamous role has been taken by many talented and gorgeous actresses. And each time she appears on screen, she takes our breath away. Can you remember all of them? The best 8 Catwoman performances are listed as follows:

1. Michelle Pfeiffer

nullCatwoman, played by Michelle Pfeiffer, is the only variation of the character to properly go from mousy, pushover Selina to a self-reliant figure. Despite her partnership with Penguin, she has always kept her compassion and has no desire to become a villain. Her athletic ability, which contains just the appropriate amount of feline characteristics, set the standard for all future actors and animators.

2. Anne Hathaway

nullIn the role of Catwoman, Anne Hathaway was outstanding. She rocked it from the moment she walked into Bruce Wayne's house and continued to do so throughout the film. Even though her casting aroused new fears among Batman enthusiasts, the fears were unwarranted.

3. Julie Newmar

nullFor many fans, Julie Newmar's iconic portrayal of Catwoman represents the pinnacle of her career. The actress is fantastic in the part, purring and glistening in ecstasy and delivering the character's quick wit with incredible charm. Her interpretation of the character is equally multi-layered, emphasizing the deviousness but still revealing a compassionate side while interacting with Batman.

4. Lee Meriwether

nullCatwoman was brought to the level of the other antagonists by Lee Meriwether, which was rare in the 1960s. She effortlessly juggled her intellect and sexuality to carry out her plans. Meriwether's role wasn't particularly interesting, but she did an excellent job with it. Her single appearance revealed a Catwoman who was several years ahead of her time.

5. Eartha Kitt

nullWhen Newmar was unavailable to play Catwoman, Kitt was called in to fill in. During the last season of Batman '66, however, she distinguished herself in the role. As the first black woman to play Catwoman, she created a one-of-a-kind, yet incredibly gorgeous, cool, and lethal figure.

6. Camren Bicondova

nullCatwoman was a great persona thanks to the actress's brilliance, savagery, and furious independence. Camren remained glued on Gotham despite this, a program that was continuously altering. It was sought to balance the darker, gothic qualities of the characters with the comedic, spectacular features of Gotham City's history. That ruined what was otherwise a compelling, unique perspective on Selina Kyle.

7. Halle Berry

nullWhen the idea for a single Catwoman film was initially conceived, Michelle Pfeiffer was set to reprise her character. However, Halle Berry was eventually cast in her place, and the premise was so absurd that it hardly made sense. The Oscar winner made every effort to make it work on her own criteria. However, Berry's campy, delightfully ridiculous take on the role was overwhelmed by a chaotic, unorganized, and aesthetically bewildering picture. The film was a box office flop, which came as no surprise to everyone.

8. Zoë Kravitz

nullZoë Kravitz is an intriguing choice to play the legendary master thief. Her body of work demonstrates her versatility, ranging from hero action to luxury drama. Basically, Kravitz can handle anything Matt Reeves and the team throw at her, and it's good to see a love interest for Pattinson's Bruce Wayne who is her age. The two are famed for their fierce performances, and their chemistry is almost perfect when she takes on the role of Catwoman in The Batman.
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