12 Bizarre Thoughts About Superheroes Who Take Advantage Of Their Powers

Imagine one day you wake up and instantly get some kind of superpower of your choice. This is obviously not a new topic. But have you ever considered the benefit and the side effects? Apart from fighting the evil of course. These powers can be a great help in day-to-day basic activities, how convenient is that?
Many of our favorite heroes and villains have been known to exploit nature to their advantage in films, television programs, and comic books. Some heroes/villains derive their strength from nature, while others have the ability to utilize the natural resources available to them for good (or bad). Vote up the most intriguing ideas on heroes and villains who use the natural environment.

1. Global Warming Helps Aquaman

Aquaman's superpowers may seem inferior now, but as sea levels rise, so do his powers.

2. Elsa's Effect On The Ecosystem

nullWhen Elsa suddenly froze Arendelle in summer, the loss of life to the unprepared ecosystem must have been enormous. In Frozen 2, Elsa fights the scariest evil of all: Global Warming

3. Magneto (X-Men) Could Help Save the World

nullMagneto could have truly helped the world with recycling if he had other objectives.
Magneto most likely never used petrol since he could just put his car in neutral and push it magnetically.

4. Frozone Is So Powerful

nullConsidering humans are made up of mostly water, and Frozone can freeze water, he could’ve been a pretty gruesome villain.
Frozone probably never wastes any left-over food.

5. ATLA: Water Benders Probably Had Fun Eating

nullWater Benders can probably pick up their soup like a solid block of food.

6. Mulan Vs. Elsa

nullMulan killed way more people with snow than Elsa could ever dream of.

7. More Groots?

nullGroot was brought back to life by the Guardians of the Galaxy by planting a branch of his body, therefore there's a potential that someone else snatched a few branches left behind and planted them, resulting in additional Groots.

8. LOTR: The Mighty Ents

nullIn Lord of the Rings, the Ents invading Isengaard is an epic illustration of paper defeating rock.

9. Thor, God Of Thunder?

nullIf Thor is the God of Thunder, why does he manipulate lightning? In mythology, Thor is known as the God of Thunder because his hammer produces a tremendous roar (like a blacksmith, which Vikings would have been familiar with). Because comics don't have sound, he creates lightning in them.

10. Storm ('X-Men') Is Very Impressive

nullStorm's ability is to massively affect weather occurrences. In a nutshell, she has complete power over the weather. She does not, however, have control over the pieces. She can, for example, conjure lightning. She is powerless in the face of electricity. She has the ability to call rain, but she is not hydrokinetic. She can make it snow or reduce the temperature, but she can't make it freeze.
Her sphere of influence is limited to the weather.
She's now completely resistant to the effects of weather, which is a crucial side-power. She is unaffected by severe temperatures, just seeing them as hot or cold. It's not even a source of discomfort for her. She can see colors and patterns that humans can't seem to grasp in other spectrums than we can. And, of course, when it comes to predicting rain, she is always correct.

11. Thoughts On Cyclops ('X-Men') And The Sun

nullCyclops is mutated in what way? His eyes are doorways to another dimension, according to his wiki...
Well, his body absorbs and processes solar energy to power those portals... if his body is processing all of the solar energy he's absorbing into enough energy to generate wormholes within his face holes, there's got to be some pretty complicated energy metabolism going on inside his body... Cyclops' mutation simply requires him to absorb sunlight as a fuel to use his powers effectively.

12. The Human Torch Has Got Some Unexpected Benefits

nullDeodorants would be unnecessary for the Human Torch. Any bacteria or odors would be destroyed by his tremendous temperatures. After a shower, the Human Torch can probably yell "Flame on!" and be completely dry.
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