Heartbreaking Sympathy For Ukrainians Depicted In Artworks

Shock and horror spanned the globe recent days as Ukraine is being invaded by its neighbor, Russia. The small little country, 28 times smaller than its enemy in size, is being overwhelmed with troops, planes, and missile launchers, all of which are aimed at cities and airports of a country independent for over 30 years. The military action from Russia is tragically marking the “most significant European war in almost 80 years.”


Source: Kasia Rubin

Observing the invasion through the screens of phones, tablets, computers or televisions truly gives us a feeling of helplessness, which can only be demonstrated through the most traditional form of expression: art. Artists are simply putting their emotions into their works, whenever they process one.


Source: Shamsia Hassani

One of the most obvious examples is illustrated below by artist Kasia Rubin. Her watercolor painting depicts a woman grasping the Ukrainian flag within her hand, gazing from afar as the sun rises over an abstract landscape. To the right of the main character, there are other countries’ flags, including some European ones.


Source: Daniela Herodesová

“I’m a Polish artist living in France,” Rubin shares. “This art was my reaction to the military attack [Thursday] morning. Fast and furious art. It was from my bottom of my heart with hope that others countries will react. And now everybody sees what’s going on. Peace and love for Ukraine.”


Source: Oliver Jeffers

Below are the artworks from Kasia Rubin and other pieces from artists sharing their feelings on this perplexed conflict.


Source: Rich Pellegrino Illustration


Source: Lucy Claire Dunbar


Source: Herb Williams


Source: Zosia Dzierżawska


Source: Margarita Kukhtina


Source: Dinara Mirtalipova

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