12 Horror Movies That Are Based On True Stories

Horror movies always give viewers a feeling of suspense, anxiety, even trembling. But this genre of film has a strange charm. Have you ever wondered if these films are real in real life, or is it just because of the author's excellent writing? In fact, most horror movies are based on real events.
It's true to say that the only thing scarier than the horror movies is the film inspired by real-life horrors. Typically works about scary children's toys like "Annabelle" are inspired by the doll containing many cruel mysteries named Raggedy Ann. But that's still just one of the stories built according to the available images, modified to show more aspects of life. So whether or not to believe in the ghost dolls is entirely up to the audience's imagination.
But which of these films will be the best? We've compiled a list of 12 horror films that are inspired by true stories. Whether they're partly based on true events or are the complete adaptations of the story, we guarantee these films will have you on the edge of your seat. If you have a film that isn't on this list, don't hesitate to share it.

#1 Annabelle (2014)

The Conjuring's "Annabelle" is a scary porcelain doll. Despite the fact that the movie doesn't exactly reflect the original story, the ghost-hunting Warrens believe there was a real Raggedy Ann doll that moved by itself

#2 The conjuring (2013)

In "The Conjuring", Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga feature as ghost hunters assisting a family in a haunted 18th-century farmhouse. The hunters, Ed and Lorraine Warren, as well as the Perron family they save, are actual people.

#3 The Nun (2018)

The inspiration behind the movie is the terrible and well-known case known as the "Tanacu Exorcism". A priest mistook a woman who was possessed when she was schizophrenic and killed her.

#4 Silence of the Lambs (1991)

The Silence of the Lambs is a psychological horror-thriller film from 1991, based on Thomas Harris's 1988 series of novels. It tells the story of a young FBI trainee on the hunt for "Buffalo Bill" (Ted Levine), a serial murderer who skins his female victims.

#5 Scream 2 (1997)

"Scream 2" is a follow-up to the horror film "Scream," which is based on a true story. There is an undeniable connection between a fictionalization of the Woodsboro murders and the film we have previously watched, with the aesthetic alterations to discern the "fiction" from "truth."

#6 Zodiac (2007)

Zodiac tells the story of the hunt for a serial murderer known as the "Zodiac" in the San Francisco Bay Area. He murdered lots of people and taunted the police with letters and signals published in the press. This is still an anomaly because nobody was able to apprehend him. We have no idea if he is still alive, which is part of what makes him so horrifying.

#7 Regression (2015)


In Minnesota in the 1990s, a man is arrested and accused of abusing his daughter. Despite the fact that he doesn't remember anything from the incident, he enters a guilty plea. And people believe it was all the work of a satanic cult

#8 Bernie (2011)

Some of the scenes in these films were inspired by Ted Bundy - a madman serial killer. It investigates the 1996 murder of Marjorie Nugent, an 81-year-old millionaire by her 39-year-old companion, Bernhardt "Bernie" Tiede. And his narrative is vividly shown in this film.

#9 Texas Chain Saw Massacre and Psycho (1974)

Although "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre" was fictional, some aspects were based on Ed Gein, an infamous Wisconsin killer from the 1950s.

#10 Awakenings (1990)

This film is based on the memoirs of Oliver Sacks, a doctor who specialized in the treatment of persons suffering from encephalitis lethargica.

#11 Split (2016)

Billy Milligan was the inspiration for this film, and he was the man who had 24 personas in his mind. And not all of them were as pleasant as the others.

#12 Adrift (2018)

This film has a touching story behind it. Tamy Ashcraft is the lady who stayed aboard a yacht in the middle of the ocean for 41 days while her fiance died of his injuries.
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