10 Fascinating Theories About Disney Movies That Blow Up Your Mind

For nearly 90 years, Disney animated cartoons have been like an enchanted fairy world where iconic characters are involved in a wonderful journey full of enchantment and adventure. From the story of a beautiful lassie who falls in love with a prince cursed with the appearance of a beast in "Beauty and the Beast," to all the way to toys that come to life in a home in "Toy Story," Disney has created a wide range of worlds.
However, by observing details and Easter Eggs left behind by Disney creatives, fans have postulated ways in which all of Disney's numerous universes are connected. A number of Disney fan theories have been created and posted on the Internet. They take your classic stories down dark pathways and alter your perceptions of your beloved Disney characters.
Well, welcome to the "let's ruin everyone's childhood" train, where we'll add some dark fan theories to your favorite Disney films.

#1 When Belle describes the type of stories she loves to read, you can make up her favorite book to read is Aladdin.

Bell sings ’’Well it’s my favorite: far-off places, daring sword fights, magic spells, a prince in disguise! Here’s where she meets Prince Charming, but she won’t discover that it’s him till chapter three!’’ You may guess Belle's favorite book is none other than Aladdin.

#2 Guess who killed Ariel’s mom? None other than Captain Hook.

Ariel's mother, Athena, had the same fiery red hair and emerald tail as one of the mermaids, Peter Pan's companion. Captain Hook was considered frightening and creepy by the mermaids in "Peter Pan." And Ariel's mother was also killed by a pirate, thus the connection is undeniable.

#3 Hercules is the first cousin of Ariel

Ariel is Triton the King's daughter, Hercules is a son of Zeus. Now King Triton is the son of Poseidon. And in Greek mythology, Poseidon is Zeus's brother, hence Hercules and Ariel are relatives.

#4 Jane in ’’Tarzan’’ is Beauty and Beast’s granddaughter.

They both have the same appearance and share alike for the color yellow. And both Belle and Jane treat Tarzan and the Beast in the same way, respectively. Furthermore, Jane has a tea set in the expedition that is identical to the one from "Beauty and the Beast."

#5 Andy’s mom is the real owner of Jessie

Andy's headgear in the first film resembles Jessie's hat in "Toy Story 2". Jessie's first owner wore the same hat as Jessie. And this hat appears to have been given to Andy by Mrs. Davis, Andy's mother. This indicates that Jessie's first owner was Andy's mother.

#6 The ship Ariel explores is actually that of the Kingdom of Arendelle.

The ship began its journey in the Kingdom of Arendelle, which is located in Norway. Rapunzel's Corona Kingdom is located in Germany. The story of "The Little Mermaid" takes place on the Danish coast, which is on the ship's path.

#7 The main character of the movie "Up", Carl died at the very beginning

The opening five minutes of the cartoon tell us about Carl and his wife's love story, which is both touching and genuine. That's why the rest of the film contains a lot of magical elements, such as talking dogs and a flying house. Everything makes sense if we imagine the action takes place in the afterlife, where Carl is looking for his wife.

#8 "Aladdin" was made up just the salesman could sell his lamp.

Remember that guy at the beginning of Aladdin who wanted to sell you a lamp? You want to leave, so he pulls a lamp from his sleeve and tries one more time to stop you. He explains it's not an average lamp and begins to tell you "Aladdin".

#9 Tarzan is actually Elsa and Anna’s brother.

According to Chris (Chris Buck, co-director of "Frozen" and director of "Tarzan," the king and queen of Arendelle died in a shipwreck. They'd been stranded on a tropical island. They constructed a treehouse in which the Queen gave birth to a son. However, the leopard attacked the family, and only the baby survived." So Elsa and Anna have a sibling, and his name is Tarzan!

#10 On their way to Rapunzel’s wedding, that is when Anna and Elsa’s parents died.

Jennifer Lee, the director of "Frozen," revealed that the king and queen of Arendelle were attending a wedding in a neighboring kingdom. On Elsa's coronation day, married Rapunzel and Flynn can be seen. The rulers of Arendelle were most likely on their way to the wedding when they were killed in a severe storm.
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