24 Interesting Things In 'Toy Story' That Even Avid Fans Probably Never Noticed

Do you think you are an avid fan of Toy Story? Do you think you know everything about your favorite movie? Well, you'd better not answer these questions before checking out this post. It shows little, interesting things about the fantastic fun-filled journey led by Woody and Buzz Lightyear.
Below, we compiled 24 little bits in Toy Story that even passionate admirers probably never noticed. They are absorbing moments that we cut from the movie, and some also bring something meaningful.
So, why don't you check them out? Many pieces of information hope to see you down there! And I am sure that you will be more proud of your Toy Story knowledge than ever!

#1 The company that Sid buys his massive firework called "Ill Eagle Fireworks." It means not only was Sid evil, but he was also breaking the law.

#2 In the Butterfly Room during Toy Story 3, there's a quick flash of a Lightning McQueen toy from Cars.

#3 One of the games at Pizza Planet is a reference to the movie Alien.

#4 Unless there's another person around Sid's age wearing the exact same faded t-shirt, I think we can infer that the garbage man in Toy Story 3 is Sid.

#5 Wow, the animators even thought about how Andy's penmanship would improve when he got older!

#6 Molly is reading an issue of Tween Zine having Darla from Finding Nemo on the cover.

#7 There is the Jurassic Park reference in Toy Story 2.

#8 "Binford Tools," the imaginary company that Tim Allen worked for in Home Improvement, is labeled on the toolbox that Sid placed on top of the crate Woody hides in.


#9 The price of the book that Rex is reading in Toy Story 2 is $4.95 in US dollars and $50.00 in Canadian dollars.

#10 The gas station where Woody and Buzz are abandoned is the same corporation that appears as a prominent sponsor in the film Cars.

#11 Geri from Geri's Game is the man who returns Woody to his former glory.

#12 The moment when Geri opens one of his drawers that is full of chess pieces demonstrates that he restores Woody.

#13 When Woody peers out of Andy's bedroom door in Toy Story 3, you can see where Andy marked the heights of Jesse, Rex, and Buzz.

#14 If it is true when Sid grows up and becomes a garbage man, the license plate on his truck is "RM237."

#15 The carpets in Sid's house are the same as the ones from the Overlook Hotel in The Shining.

#16 Can you see the stitching in Woody's right arm in Toy Story 3 as his arm was repaired in the second film?

#17 "Buy n Large", the brand of the batteries that power Buzz, is the same company from Wall-E.

#18 In Toy Story 2, Hamm is literally standing atop the board game Clue, looking for clues on how to find Woody.

#19 There's a glimpse of a postcard on Andy's bulletin board from Carl and Ellie, the couple from Up.

#20 In Toy Story 2, you can see some characters from A Bug's Life on the shelves as toys.

#21 During Toy Story 2, Mrs. Potato Head looks to be reading a book about A Bug's Life.

#22 Andy's house is called "Virtual Reality", which is really an interesting name.

#23 When Boo leads Sully inside her bedroom in Monsters, Inc., you can see Jessie on the floor.

#24 You see that? One of Sid's hybrid toys is...well, a literal hooker.

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