Why John Wick Still One Of The Best American Action Movies?

Die Hard, Terminator 2: Judgement Day, Speed, Kill Bill, and Lethal Weapon are just a few of the movies that come to mind. These are just a handful of the many excellent action movies of our era that have stood the test of time and are still ready to see today. While each of those movies is fantastic in its own right, we are here to discuss another action movie franchise.
nullOne that took a low-budget action picture and turned it into a whole saga that no one anticipated coming. we are referring to John Wick, the finest action picture of our time. However, bear in mind that these opinions are subjective, and while there are a lot of other sagas to admire, below is the reason why this one is the best.

The Story

nullActually, the narrative is rather straightforward. A frightening guy who used to do horrible things to people has retired and is looking for a regular life with a person he loves. When she dies suddenly, he is left with nothing but a dog she sent him in the hopes that he can live out his days in peace. One day, a spoilt brat expresses interest in buying John's car. When John refuses, the guy proceeds to stalk him home and loot him, killing the dog his wife left him. With his wife's dying memories, John pursues vengeance on the man and his known accomplices.
nullThe storyline is straightforward to follow. The movie follows a clear and straightforward idea while also letting you sympathize with John. His objectives are understandable; they don't necessitate any complex explanations, nor do they require you to hunt for any hidden messages. It's just a vengeance flick, but it's done well. Even after the original movie's popularity, the sequel maintained a straightforward plot. As Santino D'Antonio assigns John to execute D'Antonio's sister so he may take her position as monarch, John is obliged to obey the call of a marker. The clandestine society of assassins has crossed John and placed a hit on his head. By the end of the movie, John had exacted his vengeance on D'Antonio on Continental land, paving the stage for the next sequel. The third movie picks up with John on the run from assassins seeking to claim the reward all around the world. John must next figure out a means to preserve his own life or risk being killed by one of the other killers on his trail.
nullThe third film follows up Mr. Wick as he trudges through every assassin in the globe, which is a fantastic setting. With few resources and serious injuries, he must discover a means to communicate with the Continental's leader to survive. Once again, we're given a plot that prioritizes action above narrative, yet provides just enough for moviegoers to connect with and care about John Wick's epic quest.

The Stunts

nullMany people praise Tom Cruise for performing his own stunts in the Mission: Impossible movies, which is admirable. However, many people are unaware that Keanu Reeves does around 90% of his own stunts. If you don't trust us, look attentively at his face during stunt sequences to check if it's actually him. He has regularly practiced to the point that he now resembles a stunt performer. However, rather than a stunt performer walking in and accomplishing an astounding feat, we get to see Keanu Reeves inhabit the role and execute some of the most death-defying acts ever seen on television.

The Fight Choreography

nullFollowing in the footsteps of Keanu Reeves, who performs all of his own stunts, he too performs the majority of his combat sequences. Quick cuts are common in American action movies, although they never show the actor's face. Every combat sequence in John Wick is directed and choreographed to ensure that the viewer is witnessing Mr. Reeves perform. Rather than simply cutting away if a scenario becomes too complex. We are gifted with wide views and outstanding choreography in the John Wick movie, which sells the action and immerses us in it. We eventually believe in the character and his abilities. Even guest stars like Common and Halle Berry go through extensive preparation to execute sequences with Reeves. Something that possibly moviegoers were unaware of while viewing the films.
nullDirector Chad Stahelski succeeds in resurrecting a lost art form: natural stunts, straightforward storytelling, and wide shots. We get to see Reeves recreate a character that viewers haven't cared about since Neo in The Matrix in the John Wick movie. The team behind the John Wick trilogy has managed to deliver some of the greatest American-made action movies to date by bringing back some of the old Asian styles of cinematography and adopting a few pages from Jackie Chan himself. With the impending release of the fourth installment, we're looking forward to seeing what else they can do in the next movie.
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