14 MCU Weird Plot-Hole And Errors That Will Make You Scratch Your Head

Marvel Studios has a lot going for it in terms of credibility. Its films are known for their high production standards, faultless casting choices, and thrilling action scenes. The studio has a lot of good things going for it, but its films aren't exactly famed for their consistency or editing. Even though most blockbusters have a writing reviewer, a role explicitly tasked with spotting tiny continuity mistakes between scenes, Marvel has a lot more issues than little consistency flaws.
Some are more visible, but some of their most egregious errors may have gone completely unnoticed. It's not something Marvel wants to speak about, and it's certainly something they strive to avoid, but it doesn't seem to stop similar blunders from happening time after time. They're the kinds of things that, once you've seen them, you'll notice every time you pick up a Marvel film in the future. If you believe the MCU is perfect, wait till you notice the flaws that will shatter your sense of immersion. Here are the 14 biggest MCU movie blunders that you probably didn't notice!

#1 The speed of sound (Iron man)

Tony fires a missile into the desert, and we watch the explosion immediately after hearing it. Because light travels faster than sound, this is literally impossible.

#2 Not how gun works (Ant-man)

Scott sends his army of ants to block the gun's hammer in the Ant-Man finale. They were all using Glocks, which do not have an external hammer, during the entire scene. Even non-gun experts can detect that there are no hammers in every shot of the firearms before this close-up.

#3 Magical suit (the avengers)

Captain America's suit is shredded and burned after he takes a tough shot from the Chitauri. Captain America's suit is totally unharmed when the Avengers return to Stark Tower to capture Loki after the battle.

#4 Flag problem (first avenger)

The Bahamas' national flag can be seen in the background when Steve and Bucky visit Howard Stark's World Expo. The Bahamian flag, on the other hand, was designed in 1973, and this film is set in the late 1930s.

#5 Peter Parker (spider-man: homecoming)

In a flashback to Spider-Man's fight at the airport at the start of Spider-Man: Homecoming. "Hey, everyone," he says as he webs Captain America's shield and lands behind them. Spidey, lands and remains silent in the real situation in Civil War.

#6 Asgardian god car repair service (the avengers)

Thor finds cover behind a dented and broken overturned car at one point during the conflict. However, as the camera pulls back, the car is the same, but every single dent has been repaired.

#7 Tony's self-curing brain hemorrhage (iron man)

Tony Stark is utterly incapacitated after Obadiah Stane puts a device on him. Tony begins to bleed from his ears, indicating a major brain hemorrhage. The blood is gone in the next shot, as he's crawling to his garage for his oldest arc reactor.

#8 Budget class air force one (iron man 3)

When one of the Extremists attacks the President's Air Force One with the Iron Patriot, his bodyguards open fire. The shot pierces one of the windows, which is impossible because the windows on Air Force One are bulletproof.

#9 Captain America's super-powered hair gel (the avengers)

Steve Rogers jumps on his motorcycle and drives away in the end scene of The Avengers. Surprisingly, the background appears to be flying by at fast speed, but Steve's immaculate hair remains precisely in place without being ruffled by the wind.

#10 No strings on me (avengers: age of Ultron)

After Ultron blasts him off of a truck, Cap does some quick acrobatics to swing onto the cab of the truck. We get a quick, blink-and-you-miss-it shot of Captain America swinging around with a cable attached to him that hasn't been properly edited out.

#11 Whose team is Tony Stark on? (the incredible hulk)

Tony Stark appears in a pub with General Thaddeus in the post-credits scene of The Incredible Hulk. "We're putting together a team," he says. We're sure he's referring to The Avengers! In Iron Man 2, however, S.H.I.E.L.D. refused to work with Tony since he was a liability. Is Stark merely a contractor for the Avengers Initiative?

#12 The time-traveling mixtape (guardians of the galaxy)

Before she died, Peter Quill's mother created an Awesome Mix for him. They were both with him when Yondu kidnapped him from Earth in 1988, although they're on Type II "CDing 2" TDK cassette cassettes, which weren't released until 1993.

#13 Black Widow's deadly... hair? (the avengers)

When Black Widow first appears, she is tethered to a chair and beats up on four crooks. She then whips her head back, intending to headbutt one of the guys, but he is instead softly brushed by her hair. Although the stuntman was definitely too far away, it got the final cut, so we'll go with deadly hair.

#14 Pym particles don't make any sense! (ant-man)

Pym particles shorten the space between atoms without changing the atoms themselves. However, you can't get "sub-atomic" since the space between atoms can't be shrunk to make them smaller than atoms.
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