Why Does Abomination Have A Different Appearance In Shang-Chi Than In Incredible Hulk?

Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings appears to be the ideal movie to wrap up the loose ends of the Marvel Universe's Stage 1. The movie not only will explore the Ten Rings network established in Iron Man, but it will also include the reintroduction of the Abomination, the monster from The Incredible Hulk. Nevertheless, in his most recent appearance, he will appear to be far more true to his comic roots than it has ever been. But the issue remains: why does he have such a different appearance?
nullEmil Blonsky transforms into the Abomination in The Incredible Hulk after combining a secondhand Super Soldier Serum with Bruce Banner's blood. The subsequent transformation gave him incredible power, but it also distorted his body, causing him to double in size and have protruding bones at different spots. Blonsky's transformation in the comics provides him a virtually impenetrable skin, but it also gives him a fish-like aspect with fins in place of ears. While the new appearance is a pleasant change, the reason behind it has remained a secret for the time being.
nullDestin Daniel Cretton, the director of Shang-Chi, says "I think Abomination got a bit of an upgradeā€¦ or we might call it an evolution going through time. I do really love the design that we landed on for that character." It doesn't answer why he turned out the way he does, but it does provide some background information. Blonsky's fate after The Incredible Hulk is unknown in the Marvel Cinematic Universe; the only indication came in Agents of SHIELD when he was confined in a cryo-prison in the far north. Speculators are back to square 1 now that the show is no longer deemed canon. That being said, the Raft, which is concealed beneath the surface of the ocean and holds Zemo and Team Cap, is another jail that may detain him.
If Blonsky had survived the incidents of the Blip, he would have finally fled. However, being adrift at sea means he'll have to swim a long way to get land. If he evolved as Cretton claims, this might explain his fins and harder shell. He may have adapted to his underwater habitat while fleeing. Should he have been submerged for an extended amount of time, the harder skin would have been able to withstand the stresses his body would have been subjected to.
nullHis fluctuation in size is also a unique feature that fits in nicely with the comics. Blonsky was still the size of a typical human when he initially became the Abomination. He has, however, gained in power and size through time, dwarfing the Hulk in various renditions. This appears to be the case with Blonsky in the Movies since he appears to be much bigger in Shang-Chi. One cause for this might be his insatiable desire to increase his authority. Blonsky might become even more powerful if he is no longer imprisoned, thanks to the Power Broker or any other power dealer, who could change his look and make him stronger. That might explain why he appears to be focusing on Wong.
In terms of looks, the Abomination has changed a lot in recent years. The same might be said of his cinematic version, who has gone through a transformation of his own. For the time being, details are being kept close to the vest, but it's evident that whatever happened to Blonsky has resurrected him as a serious danger in the MCU. This new look might signal the beginnings of the figure.
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