23 Cameos In Famous Cartoons That Truly Left Us Speechless

Not only do Disney and its animators but other animation producers also have been doing one thing many times - sneaking in little easter eggs for the viewers to find out. If you usually notice famous cartoons characters who make cameos in a variety of films and animations, you're definitely a genuine Disney fan with excellent observational abilities.
Have you known Fred Flintstone and Barney Rubble of The Flintstones appear briefly, depicted as bank robbers in The Powerpuff Girls? Or Aladdin's Carpet also makes a quick cameo during the "Down in New Orleans" sequence in The Princess and the Frog?
Do you doubt your observation abilities? Let's check out these 23 cameos on famous cartoons, remember to count how many characters you have seen!⁣

#1 Spongebob made an appearance as a guest on The Simpsons.

Source: © The Simpsons / Fox

#2 Did you find out Lady and the Tramp in 101 Dalmations?

Source: © 101 Dalmations / Disney

#3 Did you recognize the cameos in this scene from Ralph Breaks the Internet? Take a closer look at the left of the photo.

Source: © Ralph Breaks The Internet / Disney

#4 Burt Ward and Adam West played the role of (Batman & Robin) in this episode of Futurama.

Source: © Futurama / Comedy Central

#5 Cinderella's father-in-law and the Grand Duke were also invited to a wedding in The Little Mermaid. Can you notice?

Source: © The Little Mermaid / Disney

#6 Bambi's mother also appeared in The Sword in the Stone.

Source: © The Sword in the Stone / Disney

#7 Aladdin appears to be a fan of Beauty's Beast since he had his toy version.

Source: "© Aladdin / Disney"

#8 Belle can be seen reading in the Hunchback of Notre Dame.

Source: © The Hunchback of Notre Dame / Disney

#9 Guess who the little mermaid is?

Source: © A Goofy Movie / Disney

#10 Did you manage to discover these Zootopia bootleg movies? The Giraffe one is for an unpublished Jack and the Beanstalk film.

Source: © Zootopia / Disney

#11 Do you remember Flounder from Ariel's The Little Mermaid? In Moana, it appears as a fish.

Source: © Moana / Disney

#12 Rapunzel and Flynn Rider were special guests during the coronation in Frozen.

Source: © Frozen / Disney

#13 Wreck-it-ralph appears in the ending credits of Moana.

Source: © Moana / Disney

#14 Can you tell these three ladies apart from the Chowder? The girls from Powerpuff Girls!

Source: © Chowder / Cartoon Network

#15 Mickey Mouse cartoons were always filled with spectacular cameos!

Source: © Mickey Mouse / Disney

#16 It appears that Powerpuff Girls and Chowder used the same filming settings and actors.

Source: © Chowder / Cartoon Network

#17  We're not sure if this is a scene from Dexter's laboratory or a Powerpuff Girls episode.

Source: © The Powerpuff Girls / Cartoon Network

#18 Mr. Incredible is dressed in a Monster's Inc shirt, while Mrs. Incredible is dressed in a Finding Nemo-inspired attire.

Source: © The Incredibles / Disney

#19 Cricket Green from "Big City Greens" appears as a plush toy in Amphibia.

Source: © Amphibia / Disney

#20 Olaf from "Frozen" made an appearance in "Big Hero 6".

Source: © Big Hero 6 / Disney

#21 Gravity Falls' Soos is channeling his inner Gumby!

Source: © Gravity Falls / Disney

#22 Not to mention that cartoon characters can also appear in live-action counterparts. Tiana, Sleeping Beauty, and Belle, for example, can be seen chilling during Cinderella's ball!

Source: © Cinderella / Disney

#23 King Triton (from The Little Mermaid) may be seen as Mardi Gras during a procession in The Princess and the Frog.

Source: © The Princess and the Frog / Disney

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