10 Monumental Sacrifices In Disney Films

The noble self-sacrifice is the moment when a character decides to sacrifices themselves for the greater good. Seeing a character lose their life to protect their friends, their country, or the planet is heart-wrenching. Despite the fact that this scene leaves us completely broken, self-sacrifice makes these characters iconic status amongst fans.
Throughout the years, Disney has been capitalized on this scene in its movie. For example, Anna dove in front of Elsa to protect Elsa from Hans or Bruno is willing to sacrifice his place in the family to protect his family's happiness in "Encanto." These scenes showed us what it meant to be "selfless" and helped these characters win the hearts of fans.
So, we've summed up 10 of the most monumental self-sacrifices in Disney movies. If you have your own heroes in Disney movies, just scroll down and check them out.

#1 Bing Bong - "Inside Out"

In "Inside Out", Riley and Bing Bong plan to utilize the old rocket to escape Riley's memory, but the rocket is unable to bring both Joy and Bing Bong to safety. Bing Bong jumps free of the rocket to lessen the burden and allow Joy to go. Bing Bong understands that this will permanently remove him from existence and consign him to the memory dump, but he also understands that Joy's escape is for the greater good. Bing Bong's sacrifice is significant not just because he is giving up his life to "rescue" Riley, but also because it implies that part of growing up is letting go of immature things.

#2 Ralph - "Wreck-It Ralph"

Ralph is a video game antagonist who embarks on a quest to become a nice man. Ralph encounters Vanellope, a glitch and one of the most endearing characters in "Wreck-It Ralph". When the two characters have an odd connection, he attempts to save her from Cyborgs who were devouring her game and leaving her in danger. Even though Ralph could have simply exited the game to save himself, he chose to kill the cyborgs by triggering a volcano though knowing that he would be wiped.

#3 Coral - "Finding Nemo"

The ocean may be a hazardous environment. Marlin is the best person to ask about it. A nasty barracuda approaches him and his mate Coral while they are contemplating names for their pups. Coral swims straight to her eggs. In a horrific moment, as the barracuda pursues his mate, Marlin is struck unconscious. Coral and all but one of his children are gone when he wakes up. The surviving infant is given the name Nemo by Marlin since it is a name that Coral would have preferred. We're sure she'd be proud of both Nemo and Marlin if she could see how courageous, compassionate, and determined he become.

#4 Anna - " Frozen"

Princess Elsa's cold magic generates an eternal winter, and her sister Anna attempts to persuade her to stop it. However, Elsa loses control and causes her sister's heart to gradually freeze. Knowing that only genuine love can save Anna, Kristoff rushes her to his fiancée Hans for a kiss, but Hans has other ideas (murders Elsa in order to take the crown). Anna rushes in front of Hans' sword, despite her weakness, to defend her sister. Anna's sacrifice is a profound gesture of love that warms her heart and underlines her undying love for Elsa. Sibling love might be stretched, but it is never shattered, as this sacrifice demonstrates.

#5 Bruno - "Encanto"

"Encanto" tells the story of the mystical Madrigal family and their devotion to one another as well as the community in which they dwell. Bruno Madrigal was endowed with telepathic powers. Bruno vanished to protect his family, and no one knew what happened to him. However, as the movie progresses, viewers learn that Bruno still lives in Casita. He didn't want to hurt his family any longer, but he still cared about them and desired to remain near them. He put his personal well-being on hold for the sake of his family.

#6 Eugene - " Tangled"

Rapunzel's long hair can cure wounds and restore youth so that Mother Gothel gets so enamored with it that she kidnaps and imprisons her. Rapunzel chooses to go out on her own after Eugene offers her a taste of freedom. But Rapunzel was recaptured, and Eugene was gravely wounded. Despite the fact that Rapunzel is his final hope, Eugene uses his remaining power to sever her magical hair to free Rapunzel. Thankfully, the princess' tears contained enough healing power to ensure that they both had the happy ending they deserved.

#7 King Triton - "The Little Mermaid"

Princess Ariel's wish was to have feet and live on land. And Ariel struck a pact with Ursula the sea witch for a chance on land, but she'd be converted into a polyp if she didn't get true love's kiss. When King Triton learned of his daughter's agreement, he gave up his kingdom and himself to ensure her safety. Despite the fact that Ariel had betrayed him and broken his trust, Triton demonstrated his love for her regardless of what she had done.

#8 Mulan - "Mulan"

Mulan takes the place of her elderly, disabled father in a battle on behalf of the Chinese Army when they asked for the males of each household to fight. Mulan chopped her hair and disguised herself as a male despite the fact that women were not allowed to fight in the army. She made the ultimate sacrifice, preferring to protect her father above herself.

#9 Tala - "Moana"

Tala handed Moana the Heart of Te Fiti so she could return it to the ocean, knowing she had to preserve the island from destruction. Tala understood that the Heart of Te Fiti was the only thing that had kept her alive for so long and that she would die if she didn't have it. She sacrificed herself for the welfare of her clan by giving Moana the Heart of Te Fiti.

#10 Pocahontas - "Pocahontas"

Pocahontas was willing to risk her own life for John's when he was kidnapped by Pocahontas' tribe. Pocahontas knew that peace and communication were the best way to ensure a safe existence for everybody. Pocahontas flung herself over John just as her father was ready to execute him in front of everyone. John's life was spared.
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