25 Times Cartoon Characters Are Turned Into 3D CGI Nightmares

3D animation, commonly known as CGI or simply CG, is created by utilizing computers to generate visuals. The photos in that sequence represent the frames of an animated shot. 3D animation techniques are comparable to stop-motion animation as they both deal with animating and posing models, and it still adheres to the frame-by-frame methodology of 2D animation. But it is much more manageable because it is in a digital work-space.
However, 3D CGI is not always effective and attractive. If you're searching for a method to frighten the living daylights out of your friends and family, these 3D CGI renditions of some of your favorite cartoon characters could do the trick.
Well, it was probably inevitable. Now imagine what it’d be like if these adorable characters weren’t drawn in their typical, iconic style, but rather, realistic CGI? They become monsters.

#1 Pikachu

Source: ColorBleed Studios

#2 Phillip J Fry

Source: Miguel Miranda

#3 Raphael

Source: Adnan Ali

#4 Johnny Bravo and Daphne

Source: Nauman Khan

#5 Stitch

Source: Boris Kiselicki

#6 The Wolverine

Source: Hoang Anh Dang

#7 Gyrados

Source: Ryan Chapman

#8 Magicarp

Source: Ryan Chapman

#9 Armstrong

Source: jonathan Roméo

#10 Link

Source: Kyle Hefley

#11 Toph

Source: Victor Hugo Queiroz

#12 Rhino

Source: Michael Gonsalves

#13 Nappa

Source: carson Yuen

#14 Pops

Source: vikung-fu

#15 Bowser

Source: Denis Novikov

#16 Willie

Source: Amroosi

#17 Batman

Source: Christian Ronchi

#18 Parco Rosso

Source: Oleg Memukhin

#19 Princess Bubblegum

Source: Guzz Soares

#20 Buzz Lightyear

Source: Piotr Kujko

#21 Spongebob Squarepants

Source: Bryce Andrew Warner

#22Mario and Luigi

Source: soojong kim


Source: Jared Krichevsky

#24 Piccolo

Source: Fabian Roldan

#25 Brock Samson

Source: Eduard Oliver

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