The Suicide Squad 3 Is Now Highly Unlikely Because Of Peacemaker

Suicide Squad 3 is now unlikely due to the developments of the Peacemaker finale. Although no sequel to James Gunn's film has been confirmed, the popularity of The Suicide Squad on HBO Max has raised the potential of a third episode. The issue of whether or not DC wants to continue the franchise has been unresolved for months.
nullHBO Max's Peacemaker appeared to be in an excellent position to develop the plot and maybe provide a bridge between The Suicide Squad and a possible third feature because it was a spinoff centered on a few individuals from The Suicide Squad. With Peacemaker (John Cena) and his comrades battling with a full-scale alien invasion, it proved to be a high-stakes plot capable of setting the framework for some significant DCEU events, as well as a possible hint for a future film or two. The event delivered some significant shocks, including some unexpected cameos from the Justice League, who arrived a few seconds too late for the climactic confrontation with the enemies, as many had anticipated.
nullThe Peacemaker climax did not, however, set up Suicide Squad 3. In fact, it had the opposite effect. Leota Adebayo (Danielle Brooks) startled the country by revealing the specifics of Project Butterfly at the end of the episode. Not just that, but she also mentioned Amanda Waller (Viola Davis) and disclosed Task Force X's existence. Adebayo basically ended any prospect of Waller forming a fresh Suicide Squad roster by revealing the team's objective and knocking down its creator and leader. As a result, Suicide Squad 3 is no longer a viable narrative option.
nullBecause of its top-secret status, Task Force X was only able to exist. The idea of the government pushing convicts on missions in exchange for reduced sentences was too complicated to function any other way. Furthermore, Waller had to recruit these individuals to achieve goals that no superhero or military could achieve, which says eloquently about the nefarious actions in which they were involved. What Adebayo did in the Peacemaker finale will bring Waller – and Task Force X's earlier operations – under harsh public scrutiny. The administration will have no choice but to remove Waller from control to avert any additional problems.
nullIt's important to note that The Suicide Squad's conclusion had already dealt the gang a huge setback by dissolving it. However, it did not rule out the prospect of Waller remaking the series with fresh characters. Peacemaker, on the other side, went over and beyond. Now that Waller's reputation has been tarnished and the world is aware of Task Force X, her superiors will find it difficult to replace her and form a new squad for Suicide Squad 3.
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