Everything You Need To Know About "Hercules" Disney Live-Action

In the past few years, many of Disney's 20th-century classics have been given a live-action version. With the success of some adaptations, such as "The Lion King" and "Beauty and the Beast", Disney is nearly ready to remake "Hercules".
Released in 1997, the animated "Hercules" told the story of the legendary historical hero as a madcap musical fantasy adventure. For some reason or another, "Hercules" does not receive the appreciation it deserves. The film was a new take on Greek mythology with a gripping love tale and memorable music such as "Zero to Hero," "I Won't Say" (I'm In Love).
With the appropriate direction, this Hercules remake has the potential to be an exciting live-action adaption for Disney fans. The excitement over the news of a new classic returning to cinemas spread quickly, with a flood of famous castings and exuberant, all-caps tweets. To help anyone who may have missed the announcement of the new "Hercules", we've compiled everything that's known.

# 1 Who directs this live-action version?

With the Russo Brothers at the lead, Disney's Live-Action Hercules is steadily going forward in pre-production. Known for Marvel's "Avengers: Infinity War" and "Avengers: Endgame", the Russo Brothers may be the ones to most effectively transition Hercules from animation to live-action.

# 2 Who is in the cast of Hercules?

While there are no confirmed cast members for "Hercules", there have been several speculations circulating that a celebrity from the animated version may return. Danny Devito should reprise his role as Phil, Hercules'trainer, according to Josh Gad. Away from the lead role, fans are casting Ariana Grande as Megara, Herc's love interest. Meanwhile, the role of Hercules, one of the original animation's voices performers would undoubtedly be appreciated by fans.

# 3 What could happen in the story?

The remakes of most of Disney's prior live-action films have followed the storyline of the original Disney films, so maybe the Russos to do the same with "Hercules". However, they may incorporate CGI to display Hercules'power.

# 4 Will there be live music?

"Hercules" would not be complete without music. After all, Hercules wouldn't exist if the Muses weren't there to provide insightful (and hummable) commentary.
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