5 Marvel Films That Aged Terribly And 5 That Aged Like Wine

The legacy of Marvel comics-based films is fascinating, extending back to far before 2008's Iron Man launched the now-famous Marvel Cinematic Universe. Film studios have attempted to bring certain great heroes to life since the 1970s, with different degrees of success.
Every movie or series had its own distinct taste relying on the era it was made in before the MCU placed most of the firm's figures under one artistic direction. Obviously, some of the many Marvel movies released to date have kept up quite well, while others have aged poorly.

#1 Still Good: Spider-Man 2 Still Is The Best Spidey

Spider-Man 2 with Tobey Maguire has still been regarded as the gold standard for the web-slinger, despite two reboots and a different, Oscar-winning animated adaptation. With greater action, drama, comedy, and emotion, the 2004 sequel outperformed the 2002 original in practically every way.

#2 Gone Bad: Elektra Is Barely Memorable

Jennifer Garner did everything in her power with the mediocre script, but no one else seemed to put up the same attempt. The movie contained conventional plot beats and by-the-numbers action sequences, leaving viewers completely uninterested in a heroine who has established her value in the comics for decades. Daredevil, a Netflix series, will take a darker look at the figure.

#3 Still Good: X-Men: First Class Did The Impossible

The First Class period of movies included a superb ensemble, including Oscar winner Jennifer Lawrence, but the new episode was led by James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender from start to end. Their talents gave the renowned friends-turned-enemies a new perspective, allowing audiences to relive the tragic pair's early days.

#4 Gone Bad: Hulk Was A Bold Move But A Bad One

Many poor customization decisions and shifts were used in the movie, which took the viewer out of the experience, and many of these additions were just plain odd. A changeover following the unintentional death of minor adversary Glenn Talbot, in particular, elicited laughter rather than horror and awe. The movie was further hampered by a general lack of action.

#5 Still Good: Blade Started Marvel Films' Golden Age

Thanks in no little part to Wesley Snipes, the R-rated film made comic book films popular once more. The movie also had a fantastic cast of characters, a wonderful soundtrack, and was packed with elegance and fast action. There were also liters and buckets of blood.

#6 Gone Bad: The Avengers Dwindles In Comparison

This could sound blasphemy to say, but The Avengers, the mega-hit from 2012, has a major flaw when compared to subsequent team-up flicks. Despite its massive budget, outstanding cast, and overall top-notch cinematography, the final product appears cheap in comparison to others. The lighting is dull, and the direction and angle selections might be weird. While the action scenes are still thrilling to watch, many of the character-driven scenes appear to have been pulled from a low-budget Television show.

#7 Still Good: Iron Man Is A Great Stand-Alone And The Start Of Greatness

It's thrilling, humorous, and emotional, and it ranks among the finest titles to this day, alongside the mega-franchise it created. For broad audiences, the movie was a watershed moment, establishing Marvel as a viable competitor to Universal, 20th Century Fox, and Pixar.

#8 Gone Bad: Daredevil Is Just Plain Old

The picture tries and fails to combine campy superhero action with a somber color, and its music elicits murmurs rather than the anticipated headbangs. The antagonists are busy chewing the scenery, while the protagonists are stuck brooding and battling each other, and no one appears to know what type of movie they're in. Instead, binge-watch three seasons of Netflix's Daredevil show.

#9 Still Good: X2: X-Men United The Standard

X2: X-Men United was all it needed to be, with an exciting narrative, relatable moral issues, amazing cinematography, and a breathtaking opening prologue with new hero Nightcrawler. In fact, the crew was so outstanding in this picture that practically everyone reappeared in 2014's Days of Future Past, indicating that not even a series reboot and a new cast could stop this group from succeeding.

#10 Gone Bad: X-Men Was A Campy Start To A Massive Franchise

The gamble paid off, and the X-Men became a cultural icon. While the movie is clearly a great start for the franchise, it falls short in a few key areas. Some clumsy exposition, antiquated visual effects, and Storm's horrifying one-liner all contribute to the cringe factor.
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