Hulk Isn't As Indestructible As We Thought, He Actually Bleeds Twice

Whenever it concerns the most superpowered beings in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the result is frequently mixed between creatures with incredible strength and those with a significant level of energy flow. Due to his might and ability to endure the Infinity Gauntlet, Thanos, for example, is tremendously strong. Captain Marvel is almost invincible and can absorb massive amounts of energy at an instant. As a point, even the Hulk can compete for first place. Unlike Thanos and Captain Marvel, however, the Hulk has previously shown his weaknesses and how he deals with them.
nullThe Hulk has proven that he can endure gunfire, rockets, and sound-based weaponry since his debut appearance in 2008. His skin is practically unbreakable, courtesy of the gamma radiation that gave him existence, and it takes a lot of power to tear it. The Hulk has only wounded twice in his numerous confrontations, and both occasions demonstrate that it takes a special combination of conditions to do so.

The Hulk's Skin Was Pierced By Abomination's Spikes, But How?

The Green Goliath faces his worthy opponent, the Abomination, in The Incredible Hulk. Apart from what has been depicted in the comics, this character's background entails more than gamma radiation exposure. General Ross recruits Emil Blonsky up for a Super Soldier project, similar to Steve Rogers' since he wants to keep serving long after he's passed his peak. Blonsky's body morphs while it functions, as his thirst for more power rises. As a result, he goes rogue and blackmails Samuel Sterns into feeding him Bruce Banner's radioactive blood and gamma-ray exposure. As a result, the Abomination is created.
nullThe initial phase of his mutation increases places where the Super Soldier Serum was given, such as his spine. His bones protrude from his back and elbows as a result of this. It also transforms him into a Hulk-like creature, boosting him taller and more powerful. Blonsky is also tougher than the Hulk as a result of his serum combination. For a little moment, he can overcome the hero. Blonsky pins the Hulk and compels him to watch Betty Ross die in a blazing explosion, piercing the Hulk in the chest. The Hulk bleeds for the first time in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Blonsky's strength is also demonstrated in this scene, but his subsequent appearance in Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings suggests that his bone protrusions are only a step in his ever-changing anatomy.

Why Could Fenris' Fangs In Thor: Ragnarok Penetrate The Hulk's Skin?

The Hulk bleeds for the second time in Thor: Ragnarok. After 2 years on the bloodsport planet of Sakaar, the Hulk has grown stronger and more clever by the time he is returned in the movie. His flesh may have become stronger as a result of his increased strength and competence. When he fights Hela's huge undead wolf, Fenris, in Asgard, this is put to the test. And during Battle of the Rainbow Bridge, Fenris rag dolls the Hulk before chewing on his leg and causing him to bleed.
nullAlthough the Hulk has grown stronger and encountered more dangerous adversaries since the Abomination, it's understandable that Fenris, an Asgardian wolf, might injure him. People from Asgard had already been revealed to be capable of damaging the Hulk; a wolf of that magnitude could severely pierce him. There's also the fact that Fenris was brought back to life by the Eternal Flame. The wolf might be amplified by the fact that magic runs through his blood, putting the Hulk at a minor disadvantage. Even if his flaws have been exposed, the Hulk's capacity to withstand these blows and keep fighting, angrier and more powerful than before, is what makes him so amazing.
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