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In the process of creating the enormous Star Wars world, there is a wealth of intriguing trivia and fun facts about the aliens of the galaxy, both in-universe and behind-the-scenes. There is a lot to learn about species in the Star Wars universe, whether you've never been to a tavern or are a well-traveled Jedi Master.
nullWhen Obi-Wan lands on a rain-streaked planet with elegant, graceful inhabitants living in a blindingly bright atmosphere in Attack of the Clones. They talk in a soothing tone, as though it's impossible for them to ever work with the Sith. But who exactly are the Kaminoans, and what unique characteristics do they contribute to the Star Wars universe? Let's have a look.

Their look was inspired by classic sci-fi.

nullIf you're a lover of 1970s science fiction, which We believe you are, you're definitely familiar with Steven Spielberg's aliens from Close Encounters of the Third Kind. The Kaminoans were inspired by the conventional alien appearance of pearl white skin, deep-set black eyes, and undeveloped lips and nostrils. "The Kamino design was an intentional tribute to Close Encounters' famous alien," Lucas revealed. To offset the chaotic stormy atmosphere outside, their spindly bodies and elegant motions were selected to produce a tranquil creature.
Fun fact #1: The concept designers gave the final forms a seal-like appearance.

Their height was remedied on set.

nullTo be precise, how tall is a Kaminoan? They can grow to be almost 7 feet tall or over 8 feet tall. The actors portraying Taun We and Lama Su on Kamino donned special hats to keep the right eye level with Temuera Morrison (Jango Fett) and Ewan McGregor (Jango Fett) in the same way as Ahmed Best did in The Phantom Menace (Obi-Wan Kenobi). The hats were essentially hard helmets with a carved Kaminoan affixed to the top. Taun We, who was just shy of 7 feet tall, and Lama Su, who was a higher 7 feet 6 inches, both received a separate hard helmet.

They see UV light.

nullThose massive almond-shaped eyes have a purpose. The Kaminoans have unique eyes that can see Ultraviolet light. Remember the cloning facility's pristine white walls? Colors that not even a visiting Jedi can see are visible to the locals (sorry, Obi-Wan). Iain McCaig recalls being taken aback by Lucas' interior shot directing. The interiors would take inspiration from 2001: A Space Odyssey, with sterility prevalent in early sci-fi sets, just as the animals did from Close Encounters. This stood in stark contrast to the more lived-in appearance of other Star Wars settings. However, Ewan McGregor didn't have much to look at because the whole clone facility tour was shot on the blue screen with him alone. Jango Fett's residence, on the other hand, was created to replicate the stormtroopers' sleek black-and-white aesthetic, with black Plexiglas utilized throughout the place.

They ride air whales, not space ships.

nullHave you ever taken an aiwha on a ride? These "air whales" will bring you everywhere you need to go on the flooded planet if you're a Kaminoan. Whether you're flying or sailing, aiwhas are really beneficial. The winged animals are equally adept at flying and swimming. They have an innate sonar that helps them navigate beneath the water's surface, and they make a loud whistling sound while in the air. However, the aiwhas were not the Kaminoans' first option for conveyance. It was originally intended that they travel on alien spaceships, which is rather appropriate given their design. The idea was finally rejected after hundreds of various classic saucer designs were created, but I still believe the Tipoca City enclosures provide a lovely reference to the vintage sci-fi saucer shape.

Male and female have one distinction.

nullTake a glance at the tops of Kaminoans' heads to identify if they are male or feminine. Females have entirely bald heads, while males have a conspicuous white crest on the summit of their skull. Prime Minister Lama Su and Taun We are the ideal example in Attack of the Clones. Prime Minister Lama Su was initially supposed to be a tall female with a mohawk, but he was changed to a man. The mohawk hair remained, and a line was drawn between the males and the women. Don't worry, though; women continue to hold important positions in Kaminoan society. Do you recall Halle Burtoni? The elderly (and not especially nice) Kaminoan served as a senator for her homeworld in The Clone Wars.
Fun fact #2: Kaminoans reach adulthood at 12 years old.

They live on a water planet.

nullYou usually think of rain when you thought about Kamino, but did you know that the whole planet is submerged in water? Everything, in fact. Obi-Wan uncovers the cloning facility in Tipoca, which is elevated above sea level on stilts.
Fun fact #3: The Tipoca City scenes in Attack of the Clones are miniatures composited with a computer-generated ocean.

They put the water to good use.

nullKaminoans, being the savvy race that they are, make use of all the water and rain available on their planet. They utilize hydrogen to generate an infinite source of energy. The hydrogen is extracted from salt water and is used to fuel the clone facility's dazzling lights as well as all of the other technologies. A complex sprinkling system on the ceiling stage supplied steady, regulated rainfall with gigantic fans for wind on the actual Kamino set.

They like to keep to themselves.

nullThough you may believe you now have a good understanding of the cloning community, Kaminoans are a very private species. They'd like to remain out of most situations concerning other galactic kingdoms if it weren't for their high-tech brilliance. Many people are perplexed as to why the Kaminoans would agree to help the Sith create a clone army. Or why they never considered implanting a bio-chip into the brains of their clones, allowing Order 66 to be implemented. To be honest, the Kaminoans are unconcerned in any case. They are highly talented scientists that make money for their planet by creating clones. It makes no difference to them who they are given to or for what purpose they are utilized. They're a no-questions-asked civilization comprised of individuals who lack individuality and strong opinions.
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