Some Best Things And Worst Things About Disney's Encanto

"Encanto" is one of Disney's greatest and brightest films in 2021. Disney's latest musical follows the Madrigal family who lives in a lovely town buried in the Colombian highlands. With the exception of Mirabel, everyone in the Madrigal family has been given a unique magical gift. While Mirabel appears to be ordinary, she becomes the village's last hope when the magic begins to fade; it is up to her to restore the magic to the village and her family.
There's a lot to like in "Encanto", from Lin-Manuel Miranda's always-catchy melodies to the humorous and heartfelt story. Encanto, like all the Disney animated films, is a film that can be enjoyed by everyone in the family. It's amusing, engrossing, and motivating. But most importantly, it's incredibly inventive, and a wonderful throwback to Disney.
Though it is undeniable that the film is a success, it is not really popular with everyone. From a cultural standpoint, it stands out, but in other respects, it is not. Nothing is perfect, and Encanto is no exception; it has just as many defects as it has strengths.

#1 Best: The songs are catchy and illustrate the story of the characters

Encantos music is an integral component of every Disney film because of its distinctiveness and creativity. These songs are often performed by some great Colombian vocalists such as Carlos Vives (Colombia, Mi Encanto) and Sebastian Yatra (Dos Oruguitas). The most memorable song "We Don't Talk About Bruno" introduces the whole cast to a surprisingly pleasant tune.

#2 Worst: Some details are no sense

During the introduction song, "The Family Madrigal," Mirabel is questioned about her gift and she refuses to answer. It means that Mirabel does not receive one, and she's having trouble coping with her differences. It's difficult to understand why the townsfolk don't notice her problem.

#3 Best: There is one setting and no villain but the story still works well

The film takes place entirely in and around the Madrigal mansion. There is, however, no sensation of restriction thanks to many of the chambers leading to enormous, expansive magical spaces.In addition, there is no antagonist in the film because the fundamental dispute stems from family relationships. This film is a wonderful change of pace for people who are bored with Disney's twist villains.

#4 Worst: The action may seem a little lackluster

Encanto isn't the most action-packed Disney film. There are a few dramatic scenes, especially when Madrigal's Casita falls, but this action is mostly metaphorical. Because the focus is mostly on the emotional element of the plot, some audiences may find Encanto's artistic choices to be underwhelming and unsatisfactory.

#5 Best: The setting respects and honors Colombian traditions and history

Encanto is located in a lovely town in the Colombian highlands. This setting celebrates Colombians who have had to endure a horrific history of displacement and conflict. For them, the Encanto is a refuge where they may enjoy their music, customs, and way of life in a secure environment. Everything in "Encanto", from the wildlife to the dress, is meant to respect and honor Colombia.

#6 Worst: The main cast isn’t given much screen time

Each member in the Madrigals is distinct and identifiable both physically and psychologically but they don't give enough time to are shine. For example, it's never explained why Dolores, who knew her uncle Bruno had never departed, does not notify the rest of the family.

#7 Best: The characters and their problems were relatable

The personalities and their issues were all too familiar to many viewers. It's not unusual for some people to feel under pressure to meet their family's expectations, which may be crushing. Many fans have expressed their understanding of the problem and the feelings similar to Mirabel and Isabela.

#8 Worst: Abuela’s redemption came a little too easily

Although this film has a happy ending like many Disney films, some fans believe Abuela's atonement was a bit too easy. Bruno seems to be content with her change and it is understandable because of his desire to see his family again. Family forgiveness is crucial, but it's frequently difficult to achieve, and Bruno lost years of his life to his mother's suffering.

#9 Best: Encanto references to other stories and visual metaphors

For example, Isabela looks much like Rapunzel when swings from a vine and Bruno advises her to 'let it go,' an allusion to Frozen. Plus, Luisa's song "Surface Pressure," depicts the high demands she must meet and we can see Hercules fighting Cerberus to the Titanic's sinking in that.

#10 Worst: The pacing could have been better

Some viewers think Mirabel's encounter with Abuela should have occurred earlier in the film, giving the characters more time to express themselves. The Madrigals' reconciliation falls short of providing a satisfying conclusion, as the family's sentiments require more time to heal. They need time to hash things out, and the rushed ending doesn't provide them with the emotional opportunity that the plot demands.
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