No Way Home Already Set Up The Exquisite Plot For The Ending Of The Amazing Spider-Man Trilogy

Following the release of Spider-Man: No Way Home, some enthusiasts have demanded that Sony make The Amazing Spider-Man 3, allowing Andrew Garfield to reprise his role as Peter Parker and complete his abandoned trilogy. Furthermore, Garfield's involvement in No Way Home with Tobey Maguire and Tom Holland's Spider-Men sets up the ideal tale in his own dimension. This would, however, make a hypothetical Amazing Spider-Man 3 a prologue to No Way Home, depicting Peter's terrible period in his life and how he recovered it before joining the MCU.
nullAndrew Garfield's Peter Parker appeared in the MCU with Tobey Maguire's Spider-Man in Spider-Man: No Way Home, pursuing a group of their enemies that Tom Holland's Spider-Man had been fighting side by side with his allies and Doctor Strange in Spider-Man: No Way Home. The alt-universe Spider-Men have been summoned to Tom Holland's Peter Parker following the Green Goblin's murder of Spider-Man's Aunt May, providing their counsel and discussing their own experiences with grief, power, and duty. This featured some fresh details about what occurred to Andrew Garfield's Spider-Man after Gwen Stacy died.
nullIn the MCU movie, Garfield's Spider-Man admits that he did his hardest to be the Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man that he understood Gwen wished him to be, as shown at the conclusion of 2014's Amazing Spider-Man 2, as Peter returned as Spider-Man following grieving for her death. However, in No Way Home, Peter-Three admits that he became enraged and "stopped pulling his punches," implying a dark period in the Webslinger's life and a road he really doesn't want for the MCU's Spider-Man's future. However, it appears that this darker time and subsequent atonement would be a good fit for a potential Amazing Spider-Man 3, with Andrew redeeming himself before a post-credits scene showing his entrance in the MCU, diving through the mystical gateway from the other side to start his role in No Way Home.
nullA more horrific Amazing Spider-Man who finally tries to recover and rise beyond his grief, rather than an Amazing Spider-Man 3 set after No Way Home, appears to be significantly more interesting. Audiences would be able to understand exactly why Garfield's Peter-Three didn't want Peter-One to go into the very same dark path he refers to before the movie's climactic fight as a prologue to the last movie in the MCU's Spider-Man: Homecoming trilogy. In this way, An Amazing Spider-Man 3 may depict Garfield's Peter gaining the opportunity to be a mentor and inspiration on Tom's Peter before No Way Home.
nullHowever, a possible third Spider-Man movie starring Andrew Garfield may be just as fascinating if it takes place after Peter-Three returns to his own world. However, Spider-Man: No Way Home already establishes the groundwork for a genuinely exciting and darker prequel plot. Regardless, fans are hoping for an Amazing Spider-Man 3 in any case, allowing Garfield to complete his own trilogy in the same manner that Maguire and Holland did.
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