24 Unnoticed Details About Women Of Marvel

We've seen incredible Marvel Comics superheroes come alive in motion pictures since the MCU's creation. Throughout the years, we've witnessed dozens of new fearless and strong women. They're moms, spouses, daughters, and some of the toughest fighters in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.
The Marvel Cinematic Universe has begun to evolve after the launch of Avengers: End Game. 2021 did not disappoint, as it was packed with Marvel material beyond our wildest imaginations, and we finally get to watch our favorite female superheroes. These combatants definitely resonate in our hearts, with dominant characters like Nebula, Gamora, Captain Marvel, and Black Widow. Viewers of the MCU are continuously pointing out great details about Marvel's female characters, which we love to see. Take a peek at the most fascinating facts about Marvel ladies below!

#1 The Relationship Between Tony and Nebula

#2 As Big Of A Sacrifice As Any

#3 Wanda Versus Thanos

#4 Queen Frigga is underappreciated.

#5 The Best Part Is Coulson's Not Even Stressed

#6 The First Time Gamora Stood Up For Nebula

#7 The Inspiration For Pepper's Suit

#8 Steve's Trust In Natasha

#9 Peggy Carter Lied On Her Enlistment Forms

#10 Natasha's Ballet Shoes

#11 Turned Into Weapons

#12 She Did That

#13 Natasha's Invulnerability Defense Shield

#14 She's Had a Difficult Time

#15 Too Pure

#16 Wasp Sized Portal

#17 Carol smiles at the Watcher Informant, also known as Stan Lee's cameo persona.

#18 No I'm Not Crying You Are

#19 Shuri's Using Jokes to Disguise Her Sorrow

#20 Shuri's Sense Of Humor

#21 Gamora Got To Play With Tony's Toy

#22 Carol Was Actually Wearing Her Suit Bottoms In This Scene

#23 Captain Marvel's Suit Colors Were Inverted For The Battle

#24 Mimicking A Fan Favorite Comic Panel

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