This Toxic Woman Asks To Live With Her Brother After Accusing Him Of Cheating On His Wife

Who stands in the first place in your heart? Your family, your lover, or your friends? We're sure that, for some of you, your family plays an indispensable role because family members always stand by you, motivate and encourage and believe in you. However, there are some individuals who feel like their family members are not good enough. They place others in a higher position than their family.
Considering the woman in this case for example. She wasn't going to side with her family member. When her brother and his wife got divorced, she accused him of cheating on his ex-wife. She even attacked his new girlfriend on social media and called her a homewrecker. Eventually, she begged to live with him in his house. Scroll down to check out the reason why she did that. Also, feel free to give your opinion in the comment section below.

u/in_need_toknow, a Redditor, asked the 'Am I The A-Hole' community if he were wrong as refusing to let their sister move in with him after she treated his girlfriend badly

Source: in_need_toknow

He started by sharing some much-needed background information. And this was a complicated story

Source: in_need_toknow

Source: in_need_toknow

It just reminds us that we cannot choose our family at times

Source: in_need_toknow

She needed a place to stay and begged to move in with him

Source: in_need_toknow

However, after the bad things she did with his girlfriend, he couldn't

Source: in_need_toknow

Source: in_need_toknow

Here are some opinions of Redditors in the community

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Providing a good environment for the baby is necessary

Source: Dontcareatall246

The baby, the new family, and the sister are both important

Source: Grouchy-Storm-6758

Don't let the people in your life make you feel like you're TA

Source: Inevitable-Remote-41

You have to pay for what you did

Source: SeeaGrass

The sister still has a long way to go

Source: valerian_spiel

Absolutely, he is not TA

Source: TheLavenderAuthor

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