Everyone Is Talking About Encanto’s ‘We Don’t Talk About Bruno’ And Here Is Why

Since Disney’s “Encanto” originally debuted, fans have become obsessed with the standout song “We Don’t Talk About Bruno.”  This song achieved a top place on the Billboard Hot 100 list and became the No. 1 song on the February 5 chart. It has further surpassed "Let It Go," one of the most beloved songs of Disney. But why "We Don't Talk About Bruno" is popular?

Despite definitely not being the only factor to the success of this song, Lin-Manuel Miranda played the perfect place for its rising popularity. He has previously demonstrated with musicals such as "Hamilton" and "In the Heights," as well as the Disney feature "Moana." And for "We Don't Talk About Bruno", Miranda created a unique mixture of Broadway and Latin American influences, with a distinct rhythm. To the enticing music of this song, it's sure everyone wants to get up and dance.

However, more than just a catchy and danceable tune, the song shows a dramatic trajectory. Almost the whole primary cast appears in "We Don't Talk About Bruno." Each character's story incorporates in a unique style a line of tunes. A revolving door of mystical figures interjects a flurry of melodies throughout the song, which creates one of the film's dramatic climaxes. All of this ends in Mirabel, the film's protagonist, piecing together one of the film's fundamental riddles.

“We Don’t Talk About Bruno” was not only incredibly catchy, but it also served a variety of functions: propelling the story ahead, establishing the mystery of who Bruno really is, and introducing the family members. In addition, hidden musical prophesies are embedded throughout the song. There are details about Pepa and Félix’s rain-lashed wedding day, Dolores’ admission that she can still hear Bruno about the home. And Isabela, Mirabel's overly-perfect sister, recalls Bruno's forecast that her own power and happiness will continue to rise.
In many respects, "We Don't Talk About Bruno" is an unexpected contender for the first Disney song to enter the top 5 on Billboard's Hot 100 since Frozen's megahit "Let It Go." It's not a love song, it's not a solo anthem, and it's not even in the popular pop style. But "We Don't Speak About Bruno" is so amazing for so many reasons—musical, poetic, and narrative—that we all have plenty of reasons to talk about.
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