Raise Your Hand If Any Of These Photos Remind You Of Your Own Childhood

Childhood appears to be one of the funniest and brightest periods in a person’s life. When we were kids, we didn't have to worry about anything but enjoyed the beautiful life. Because we entered the world without a manual, sometimes, we - children did many weird things for which we had no explanation? However, these odd but funny things shaped who we are now.
Every generation has unique childhood experiences. While modern kids spend a whole day playing on their phones, children in the 1980s and 2000 had much more rustic amusements. From building castles with blankets to poking holes in the eraser with a pencil. They all left an indelible impression on them. We've summed up 31 of the weirdest and funniest things that people used to do as children. Scroll down to check them out. Also, raise your hand if you find yourselves in these pics.

#1. It was so satisfying to do this

Source: FahadKhreji

#2. Is there anyone who didn't do that?

Source: aimfromproland

#3. Like a childhood memory


#4. Me as a kid for no reason

Source: sssniperwolf

#5. Yes

Source: nostalgia

#6. Basement

Source: emersonic420

#7. Yep!

Source: Coffee County Manchester Public Library

#8. Good ol’ childhood memories

Source: RavenClaw568

#9. Who didn't try to push all the buttons down at once?

Source: dynamaux

#10. “Luke, I am your faaaatheeeer”

Source: Alt_Keili

#11. The middle school equivalent to pulling out Excalibur

Source: HonorTheGift

#12. My childhood

Source: Tommy9111

#13. Caution. Floor is lava

Source: I played "the floor is hot lava!" game when I was a kid

#14. Seriously

Source: 90smadness

#15. Literally my childhood

Source: Memedics

#16. You had a great childhood if you had one of these

Source: KingOfAthena

#17. This doesn't apply when you have two sisters

Source: TheVanquisher5

#18. As an adult, I still cringe when I have to make a phonecall

Source: AndyLeeman91

#19. I'm scared

Source: fabelarde

#20. Me_irl

Source: LHG02

#21. And they'd ask "do you remember me"?

Source: hostinglaughs

#22. My childhood

Source: GlipGlopKing28

#23. Sad and noises

Source: suboppheh

#24. Running your finger along the grooves in the wall while in school


#25. Does anyone relate?

Source: dark_cawlisse

#26. So true

Source: villas3123

#27. Me as a child was pure evil

Source: Flame_Draconic

#28. Literal childhood trauma


#29. Oh noooo

Source: 90smadness

#30. Childhood memories

Source: amqdio

#31. Sorry mom and dad

Source: cumrascal

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