30 Sarcastic Disney Memes That Will Make You Burst Out Laughing

No matter how meaningful and emotional Disney movies are, there are still plenty of funny moments in those flicks that make us roll on the floor laughing. Yes, Disney works are always full of remarkably ironic lines, so it's absolutely no surprise that Disney fans are pretty humorous and sarcastic as well. This fact could be clearly reflected in Disney-inspired memes, which are often so hilarious they never fail to make us chuckle or even laugh out loud!
Today, we have compiled 30 brilliant memes created by Disneyphiles that we find fantastic, and they are guaranteed to put a smile on your face too! If you are a hardcore Disney fan, you will surely get the true meaning behind these jocular pictures. Just scroll and check them out, and enjoy a good laugh with us!

#1. Will you forget the head-slicing thing?!

#2. Disney film adaptations of certain stories vs the original books.

#3. People arr sleeping, Elsa...

#4. The biggest sorrow.

#5. The prophecy was wrong.

#6. I'd be more surprised if it weren't.

#7. Just bing it on.

#8. If only a catchy tune could help remind me..

#9. Don't stop opening your fridge.

#10. Rebellious daughter. Kind Dad doesn't want her to leave the ocean and go on land. Rebellious daughter. King Dad doesn't want her to leave land and go to the ocean.

#11. Is it?

#12. When he calls your name, it all fades to black...

#13. “And I’ll silence anyone who gets in my way!”

#14. Life’s not fair is it?

#15. The perfect cast.

#16. Thank you Mickey!

#17. Hakuna Matata - what a wonderful phrase.

#18. The Single Rider gang.

#19. A carrot could've fixed all of Anna's problems.

#20. Welcome to the Carribean.

#21. Did Mother Gothel run Google Translate?

#22. And the No Belle Prize goes to...

#23. The state of American animation.

#24. What about me?

#25. I never realized how existential Pinocchio got...

#26. "What are you doing step-Anakin?"

#27. Don't blame me for being so funny!

#28. The Watcher In The Woods, Vincent, The Black Cauldron...

#29. Ooohhhh...

#30. An another thin!

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