Extremely Relatable Disney Memes That Will Give You A Great Laugh

Question of the day: how many Disney movies have you watched? Since Disney has been playing a huge role in our lives, your answer is probably more than 1, isn't it?
Not only has Disney shaped our childhood and entertained us from time to time with its amazing movies, but it has also provided us with tons of hilarious memes. Disney memes are going viral on the Internet for their genius humor. Seeing the memes, you surely collapse into giggles and have a trip back down memory lane to the movies that we once loved back in the days.
Here are 25 hilarious memes inspired by Disney movies and characters!

#1 Why do dogs even cry more than humans?

#2 The greatest fear when going down the stairs

#3 Barbie is more than just a doll for girls

#4 Immediately wake up

#5 It's hard to believe there is such a good guy like this

#6 Still, Aurora is a princess

#7 Frozen, literally

#8 Caffeine is doing its work

#9 We all hope the answer is 'yes'

#10 The perfect summary of overthinking people

#11 Adults every morning:

#12 Our dumb brains selecting the memories to keep:

#13 As much as we could

#14 Perfectly predicted the future

#15 Every girl can relate to Anna so much

#16 It's sad, teacher

#17 Food is happiness, guys

#18 Oops, sorry to all the people who heard me singing

#19 Rapunzel's Tangled Adventure in a nutshell

#20 Blame the party being too awesome

#21 A painful try-on

#22 Anyone whose mom is like this?

#23 Staring at the ceiling for nothing

#24 Mom is home!!!

#25 They're always together

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