25 Hilarious Disney Memes To Start A Great New Week With!

Name an animation for children, a movie by Disney will be your first answer. Name a famous animation figure, Micky Mouse will probably pop up in your head. This simply proves that Disney movies and characters have had a huge impact on our lives.
Today, it is not only the movies that are popular all over the world, but Disney memes are also viral and well-appreciated on the worldwide web. The memes are taking the Internet by storm and they're coming non-stop from Disney lovers. The princesses, the animals, and many other characters are now more relatable to our daily lives than ever before!
Whether you are a Disney fan or not, sit back and enjoy these 25 hilarious Disney memes that will get you to chuckle!

#1 You know where to find the motivation to study?

#2 Oops, Jane doesn't get the meaning of "Netflix and Chill"

#3 The solution to all problems: food

#4 The music is just automatically played in my head

#5 Also, the graceful sitting/lying posture

#6 Innocent

#7 In other words, women are amazing

#8 Tip-toe

#9 A gem in the fandom

#10 Using several hair care products just to be like the princess

#11 Good bye, gotta go

#12 Modern guys need a time machine real bad now

#13 How dare they

#14 Yeah, totally, just a trim

#15 We reckon Voldemort has to make lots of lies...

#16 Suddenly we all turn into Ursula

#17 Mushu always gets the fact right

#18 Sadly, we rarely meet hot guys, unlike the Disney princesses

#19 Food is way superior

#20 Simple as that

#21 Anyone knows why some people can be so energetic in the morning?

#22 This princess doesn't like waking up early

#23 Jasmine's questionable awareness

#24 Did you guys get it?

#25 But ironically many people love "being trapped" in this castle

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