25 People Revealed The Most Brutal Ways Someone Rejected Them

Life isn’t always the best. You can’t always get the person you had a crush on. And that heartbreak really hurts. If it is your very first time it even sucks harder. No matter how strong you become, some refusals are too much to bear. But keep a positive attitude. It's just because you haven't found the right person yet. Look at rejection as a stepping stone because it can teach you a lot of lessons and help you become better.
We've collected some of the most cringe-worthy, awkward, and awful rejection stories that people have shared. I'm sure they'll be able to console you in some way, making you forget about all the rejections you've dealt with in your life. Scroll down to check out all of them yourself. Also, if you find this post useful, share it with your friends who think they are living in misery.

#1. Thanksgiving got out of hand

#2. How could he?

#3. A haunting valentine season

#4. If people like it, they will find a way, if they don't like it, they will find an excuse

#5. For him, the image of this woman in his imagination is nicer than the real-life one

#6. Poor guy

#7. It’s against the rules of the cosmos!

#8. She should not have had any illusion

#9. An egotistical man

#10. The most memorable dinner ever

#11. A man having a bad musical taste

#12. It is “Mom thinks no” in this circumstance

#13. There's something that isn't right with Mark

#14. The whole secret house-purchasing incident seemed to be a clue that things were not going well in that couple

#15. A complex relationship among ‘Me, -husband and his girlfriend and our house’

#16. A high school love story

#17. Nasty!

#18. Ignoring their spouse' calls while they needed them the most is the hardest rejection

#19. Maybe he was frightened by this girl’s bravery

#20. They actually broke up due to a misalignment of values

#21. So cruel

#22. "Dude... that guy left". So pain

#23. That’s not good!

#24. Okay

#25. When the facts do not support a notion

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