24 Witty Disney-Inspired Memes That Only Fans Will Get

Since Mickey Mouse made his debut with Steamboat Willie in 1928, almost a century has passed and Disney animations have never stopped amazing us with more and more magical, fascinating films. Loving Disney or not, there's no denying that this studio has done a brilliant job of changing the animation industry and making our childhood incredibly memorable.
Are you a Disney fan? How well do you know Disney works? Today we'd like to challenge our dear readers a bit with a series of Disney memes that is quite confusing for non-fans. If you are a true Disneyphile, you will have no trouble getting them all, and we're sure that they will warm your heart and brighten up your day. Scroll down, check them out, and just have a good laugh with us!

#1. Luisa got that drip.

#2. The story of my life (and my 570 credit score).

#3. Why YouTube, why?

#4. Looks can be deceiving.

#5. Pluto is highly underrated.

#6. Mother earth is hotter than ever.

#7. If only a catchy tune could help remind me..

#8. When you get out your phone to check the time, but forget to actually look at the time.

#9. Or when people say legos are for kids.

#10. Still a bop.

#11. Compliments to the chef.

#12. Sounds like bribery with extra steps.

#13. Pterodactyl

#14. Look who I found over in Egypt.

#15. When Kronk translates.

#16. Does anyone else miss House of Mouse?

#17. You have never heard of Bruno. Those prophecies were hallucinations due to a gas leak or plain old deja vu.

#18. The Cinderella’s.

#19. I owe, I owe, it's off to work I go.

#20. The story follows him most of the time, he's got more of an arc than Ariel, and he gets 2 songs.

#21. I always thought he was handsome the way he was, to be honest.

#22. Life’s not fair is it?

#23. Oh no Simba, what you doin'?

#24. Same energy, but different.

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