Check Out Loki Hidden Powers And Abilities You Didn't Know

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has grown enormously since the first Avengers film, but even with tons of new characters and antagonists to admire, Loki continues a fan favorite. The trickster God originally debuted in Thor before becoming the major adversary of The Avengers... and he looked to be a genuine villain initially. However, as the MCU has grown, Loki has shown to be more than that, becoming a stunning, charismatic, and highly brilliant anti-hero.
nullHis complex comic book past is now making its way to the Cinematic Universe, and people are loving it. Tom Hiddleston has nailed the role and wants to keep doing so. However, it appears that Loki has yet to be completely developed as a character, as there are several powers that he possesses that the MCU has yet to address. So, let's go over the abilities he possesses but never utilizes. Check it out!

Worthy of Mjolnir

nullOnly four persons in the MCU have been able to hoist Mjolnir: Odin, Thor, Vision, and Captain America. Simply put, if you are worthy, you can raise the hammer. Loki, on the other hand, was able to lift Mjolnir in the comics. Doctor Doom and Scarlet Witch concocted a spell to defeat Red Skull in Avengers & X-Men: Axis #9. Loki was now worthy as a result of this spell, and he practically beat the heck out of Thor. However, in the MCU, this may never happen.


nullLoki is renowned as the God of Mischief for good reason. In the MCU, he constantly dying and reappearing. So much so that his demise no longer disappoints the fans. In the comics, though, he is practically eternal. He gets his name struck out of the Book of Hel, which implies that when he dies, he will not join the rest of the Asgardians in the Afterlife. Because he is a shapeshifter, he may return to Earth in any form and subsequently transform into Loki.


nullAudiences of the Marvel Cinematic Universe have never seen Loki fly. Loki, like Thor, can fly by using his hammer, Iron Man by using his suit, and so forth. Wanda, as we've seen, is capable of doing so using her magic. That was clearly visible in WandaVision. But Loki hasn't done it yet, even though it's an ability that exists in the books. He can levitate through manipulating energy, something he is skilled at. Given how many people like him in the MCU, bestowing him with a new power would be fantastic.

Sorcerer Supreme

nullLook at Doctor Strange when he was a Sorcerer Supreme to see how strong he was. Did you know that Loki was formerly the Marvel Universe's Sorcerer Supreme? Even though it is only a title (bestowed upon him by Vishanti), certain of his abilities are enhanced. He did have entrance to the Sanctum Sanctorum, which provided him access to an infinite amount of magical knowledge.

Healing Ability

nullWhen we think of mutants with healing skills, we immediately think of Deadpool and Wolverine. In actuality, even Loki possesses the capacity to heal. He utilizes his magic to defend himself from harm and even beheading! Furthermore, his Frost Giant physiology allows him to recuperate quickly. Did you see how quickly he healed after being beaten to a pulp by the Hulk? Nice!
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