Good Humor Might Be More Important Than Any Factors To Make A Successful Superhero Movie, Proven By MCU

Can you name some major factors that contribute to the success of a superhero movie? - An attractive plot with fierce and eye-pleasing battles and a skillful cast who should be good-looking as well? Yeah, no one can deny these are very important for such a movie. However, have you ever thought of the enormous role of good humor?
It sounds a little weird at first. "Why do we need to focus on the humor of a superhero movie? It's not a comedy". But let me convince you with a very persuasive example - MCU. If you have watched any movie of MCU, you might easily realize that one of their methods to reduce the violence of fierce battles is to add funny scenes to them.
These moments not only help people less tense while following the fightings but also go viral quickly and become famous memes. They are even very popular among people who haven't watched the movie, which makes the Movies better known. If you still don't get it, scroll down and watch these hilarious moments in MCU!

#1 "Be confident" is an encouragement sentence, which should be never used for Tony!

#2 Call it "a romantic scene"

#3 Our "Spider-boy" needs more time to be "Spider-Man" LOL

#4 Poor Rocket!

#5 Thanos in an armor

#6 I told you. Don't ask Tony who he is!

#7 Much better than your army!

#8 Doctor Strange said: "I'm sick of this idiot"


#9 "Bruce, become Hulk quickly"


#10 Good boy!


#11 Tony is really tired and hungry


#12 "Elevator's not worthy"


#13 A teasing younger brother and a hot-tempered elder brother


#14 "Wow I can touch it, it's so real. After fighting, can you let me watch it again?"


#15 Another fan of the Bucky's metal arm


#16 Tony's confidence, again


#17 Drax's reflexes


#18 "Welcome to Baskin-Robbins"


#19 Call him right!

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